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Sup pulled their stance against the euro against the eu oh stereotype so in a way they're res forces populars goldman and by the finnish and of course they are not very welcoming any policy coming from russell's so of course there's a very fine line there that if you want to has not to be has to be preserved between just trying to propose a progress that in a way is moderate but on the other side going back to their or regional programs and to their roots greg georgia we appreciate your analysis georgia orlando you political journalists there in rome here is what else making news today spanish prime minister marianne overhaul has been forced out of office in a noconfidence vote he has congratulated the leader of the socialist party pedro sanchez who becomes spain's new prime minister the trump administration is facing a barrage of international criticism following the introduction of tariffs republicans have joined the eu canada and mexico in condemning the import tax on steel and aluminum and scientists say they have found evidence of dunes of frozen methane on pluto the research suggests that the distant world is more dynamic than previously thought the dunes are similar to those in california's death valley those are some of the headlines we're following today on monocle twenty four it's time now to review the week institute sticks i'm joined on the line by our friend from episode's maury ben page ben i understand we're taking a look at stats related to the world economy for stuff yeah and i mean brutally.

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