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But I really don't feel that badly about it. I know I I'm surprised at how how minimally my perception of them was impacted by losing football game twenty three to nothing. Yeah. I think we just kinda got seduced them when in five straight and playing this out this mind football when you look special defense, and what Marla MAC of Indianapolis Colts running back was able to do this defensive front, and I think everyone does throat this. They continued the surge and sometimes you gotta get kicked in the privates to come take a breath. And definitely they the colts zapped the energy atom. I was surprised. I was surprised that they got shut out. And I was surprised the it was an ugly football game. There's a lot of penalties. And again, a lot of missed opportunity is on the Cowboys in in that's kind of going back to their football past where we. We met when they were three and five and you just don't like the see them revert back to that. Now, it's well said, but you know, what I do think is for the first time in a long time. They looked like a football team absent of Chavez Frederick absent of competent left guard absent of Zack Martin with an ailing tyrant Smith and Lyle Collins, they looked like a team that was missing players, and they hadn't look like that for over a month. This is the best possible into about. I think with you. You're the perfect person for this. Because so much of what I think people are analyzing the Cowboys is subjective. You know, there is this. Oh, it's good to get gut. Check. You know, I it's good to get kids in the privates. As you said, but nobody really knows unless they've been there. And so I'm curious for your thoughts as a former player former cowboy as a former athlete. I mean athlete now is just maybe your take on life is this good. I mean is this something that, you know? You can take that you maybe that you need. I mean, what are just what you know. Because there's a lot of ways to look people say, and then there's also people say, no, I want him to keep looking great etcetera, blah, blah. I mean, what do you think? Well, this isn't the eighteen year old boy asking a girl out and gets rejected or gets heartbroken twice. You know, this is a season where you don't need these type of humbly moments going into two weeks left in the season. Now, maybe during the three and five run when when they weren't playing very well. But I just think this part of the reason it happens, but I discuss Asli guarded against things like this happen. And I think in you brought up the offense a line. I understand that. They're missed a lot of the integral part of their offense in line. Zack martin. I don't know what his status is seems to me as I football game. He's missed I heard and ever since he was in pop Warner and going back to flag football, which is crazy. So you're gonna have. Those those those things happen in had to fight did adversity the thing that really kinda surprised me. And I know that you talked to play with that much energy is to be able to continue that and what's on the line. It's a lot easier to be motivated what's ahead of winning the NFC east on the road. And maybe they made there's a little bit too. Just not given the colts enough credit. But as we talked about it last week. I mean, a colts are hot football team Nasc everyone now after watching them play the Cowboys, you know, Andrew luck as tremendous quarterback their defense ball. And as I mentioned Marlin MAC had on hundred and thirty nine yards rushing on twenty seven cares. We had not seen that it looked like this defense is normal. And they have not played that way all your law. I just I feel like I think it's fair to say the Cowboys did overestimate the colts our underestimate the concert say and how you do that I in not trying. I mean, how do you underestimate or any you know, it comes down to this? And I'm not I didn't mean to interrupt you bone it. When people talk about, oh, you know, like Zeke made a comment like we'll maybe we need this..

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