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Throw out some names. What about it is is is the bio states and it was funny. Because i didn't write this bil- in when i when i looked at all the names i went holy cow. Did i do that. Understanding ron arcane. We're gonna region ozzy osbourne black sabbath. Whitesnake deep purple. Make a testament quite right. We will stir call lizzy prophecy ronnie. Jane's deal platinum blonde hollinger danko jones. Gardo heaven how jeff roth towel and the michelson group and hollywood monsters even very busy with thought-out lesser. You're part of that group. I would say. Well yeah well yeah. Well what it is is recorded with current or ex members of those right and it's cool because i'm yeah you know what i'm getting getting emails from from people saying you know. Hey i'm looking for a bass player to tour with or my bands looking for a bass player with and again. We'll mention any names right now. We'll we'll leave it open. So i've got the recording end of things down which which is cool which is great. But also the touring and things was amazing. Because now i get it. I get to leave the house and that will be your because i've been retired in march february. Twenty ninth chelation last year. Thank you and now and the thing about it was is hollywood. Monsters was supposed to tour that summer. So i thought you know what i'm going to take when i can go i'm gonna go. I'm going to rehearse. I'm gonna get you know my proverbial crap together and make sure that that when we do that i will just be absolutely outstanding in this in this band and we're supposed to step on Vinnie apostasy minneapolis. Agreed to tour as part of hollywood monsters and we had an amazing guitar player. Who played with ronnie james steel and was in the band at the same time a period of time with ronnie james steal. His name's tracy g. He's absolutely fantastic from california and it was we're gonna do northeastern states in the canada. So we would. We would tour the states and then come back in the canada and then we decide what to do but everyone kind of agreed to it. This is what we're gonna do. Pandemic happened and next thing you know all at home so i got other bands reaching out to me now saying you know what's going on if we need you. Would you be okay. Would you be cool with ed. And i'm like well. Yeah you know. I get to leave the house and i really want to leave my house like i love my husband but i want leave your own i i so you anticipate getting back during with all the way hollywood monsters. You know what i would love that and put it this way. Once things start to open up. I am going to say to guys. We have to do this. We have to get out especially this lineup if we had to keep our player whatever fantastic but with this lineup. I mean tracy. Jeez than amazing guitar player vinnie apathy. His resumes herself so staff. I mean it would be. I think i. I don't think you'd ever see us not smile on stage together we entered it. You know what. I mean like it would be one of these things so institute your question. Yes yes yes and yes.

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