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Right. You have a photo. This is amazing curious photo. This picture so much, and yours what will high ruminate over who could get hard Kelly. Honestly, you know, by the way of you could get it vintage Patel, and I'm gonna give Judd of forty five seconds interview redo to ask all the questions he wished that. He had asked Jay back in the day. I love it though. I wrote these down. Okay. Put forty five seconds on the clock. Go judge. Do you ever get sad? Yes. Yes. Where do you go on date nights? Where are they going date nights? It's been about thirty eight years. Yeah. You'd probably a movie movies. Always good movie. Always good. Do you think? Letterman took the whole thing too seriously. Yeah. He's a comic. I think a lot of what Dave was coming cheek people might look serious. But now, why do you love denim shirts? You know, what it is? I I had a couple. Yeah. Then is a gag people. Give you one and then when day the tonight show right is that all let's get him fifty two for every now I have five hundred five hundred eighteen. Everybody gives what? The buzzer. By the way. You look good in ten looks good. Thank you very much. I'm second both of my Gusta beard on James Lipton's inside the actors studio also on Bravo. But this show is nothing like Lipton's because my lawyers said it can't be. So here's what incentive is a Jay Leno. All right. I'm going to use his voice and asking you questions as we go outside the comedian studio Judd, if you had to go without oral sex or never having a sense of humor for the rest of your life. Which would you choose? We don't get all sex humans. Very john. What is one subject matter? You would never go near for a joke. Oh, what subject matter Orel sex? Do either of you have a go-to knock knock joke. No, no. Then they'll if you're not a comedian does give it go ahead. I'm going to get it wrong. Knock knock who's there? Impatient. Cow patients. That's good. What is your absolute favorite city to perform stand up either of Madison, Wisconsin, really comedy unstinting Vegas? I like any city where I can see the airport from the stage. My plane is right over there. Thank you. Least favorite city to perform in either of you least favor. I don't really lease. I love America. Really? The cities is one subject matter. Oe already asked you that. Okay. Thank you very much. Because I got enough heckling house wiser unions. We should get you to do. You know, something we should do that. We should we should work with you. And get you to do stand up. It'd be interesting because if you have the look. I think it'd be fun. It'd be lights like Pygmalion. Yes. Okay. I wanna see what sort of hijinks I'm missing out on with a round of drink up. Stand up. I'm going to read you both a standup comedy related. Never have I ever statement. Okay. If you've done the thing tell us by drinking up. Okay. Never have I ever gotten a fight with a heckler in the middle of a performance. If you've done it you drink. Okay. Maybe Judd has never ever ever heard. Someone else performing a joke. They stole from me. Align time. Never have. I ever said it's great to be here in to the wrong city. She did that. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Never ever heard an other comedians talking daddy about knee backstage. Oh, yes. You have. Yes. Never ever ever made a joke about my significant other while she was in the crowd and pissed her off. John has done. This never ever ever told a fellow comedian. How mazing his or her set was when I actually hated. Yes. J guzzling again never ever been bumped during his show because a more famous comedian dropped by to do a set. Oh, yeah. Who why who did you have you guys got I got bumped by dice and re remind the same night. Wow. That's a double header by Richard prior. I would follow real Richie all the time. Really? That's amazing. Thank you for. Do you said you started out writing jokes for Roseanne? Do you think you will ever work together? Again. I have not heard from her lately. Yes..

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