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Ton of guys. And it's been a problem and i just With jayco too rizzi. Now mak- postseason. I don't think it was gonna be a tough postseason. But i don't like seeing by hurt plus innings as they go down we rotate get more work in having him in the bullpen. That body does matter. Did we hear any reports tires. Nothing yet so. I mean the game to end until eleven o'clock last night. I literally eleven o'clock right four hour baseball game and this has been the longest season of baseball in the history of time in terms of time to play games. It's just been stupid. We've gotta they gotta find some. They've got to find a way to not play for. Our baseball games. Feels like once a week at minimum. They're point for our game. Last night was the was the only though one two three four five six seven eight game this year. It's gone for hours. But i mean the amount i'd have to go through and count the amount of them that had been over three and a half hours. It's gotta be thirty forty games this year stupid which is nuts. It's dumb and i wonder what they mean. That's just for them. That's just for them. Yeah and these are. It's a ninety nine game. Shouldn't take you four hours to play. Ever ever got picked up. Pace had a bad pitcher pitching for taxes. He couldn't get any outs to start. The game he was given up runs left the problem. Long innings through like fifty pitches and inning and a third jay z. Through thirty pitches in his first inning That that'll slow down the need the pitching change in the middle of it. You gotta get somebody up and get them you know loose and that takes some minutes all that factors into but still we gotta get. We gotta get going here this. The panic of science stealing is still around legacy. The pitchers constantly going to those stupid cards. Whether they're in their hat or they're pulling out of their back pocket to go through different sequencing of of of what's called call signals for catcher stuff slowing everything else on the concert. Step off wave like it. You know yeah to fingernails. So they can see. Yeah i got you now. They're not paying the fingernails during the inning. I'll know but it. I hope he's okay. Listen no matter what happens. It just depth matters jae crowder rizzi. He'll give you five good ones and eight just after what happened. And they tried to bury that and move on from it. He's a body. That was neat. I don't say well it's not that big a deal. It's always a big deal when you lose a guy the brought here that has potential. That's giving you the wants to grind and that you need bullpen because those arms are gonna matter come season so let's hope it's not law and let's hope it's all k- but i don't think any of us thought that he was going to be in the starting rotation anyway. No i would have been shot. I think that there was still going to be a decision to be made if he was going even if he's only going out and look for his last six starts or whatever for five innings every start basically because i think he'd thrown thirty one innings in his previous six starts. He'd been really good. Was like well below two or three in the postseason and given the way that luis garcia has kind of struggled steve sparks tired but he has a he looks tired. She absolutely does because he's never pitched this much in his life like they could have made the decision. Hey older as he starts the game he goes and gets four innings five innings. And then we go to luiz garcia and that would have made some sense to me like as as much i don't. I'm not comfortable jake z. It was in play and it still could be play okay. But there's no doubt that's the key it wasn't a foregone conclusion was done i i i think most of the i said just a few minutes ago. That maybe a foregone conclusion wasn't going to be but you make good point in play has to be in play because we still got games to go and you never know what's going to happen. So what would think about this. What would happen if a couple of other guys were to be banged up or sore missile. Kiedis still stink. That's right for a start. In the postseason. His command velocity of. Just been unimpressive so far up. No question about it. Sports talk seven ninety. So we'll i guess it's kind of a day to day thing and we'll get report. Maybe from james click tomorrow today. Yeah it'd be nice if we could get carlos. Correa will be the station today to thirty two matt. Thomas matt thomas gusty baker twelve thirty to twelve thirty to thirty good for matt to get them both on today after a nice Ktar h weather report. He's just to that's a he. He wearing all the hats hashtag hero. There you go. Yep you love him. Slowdown hashtag held the statute outside the station slow. Let's go can't you. Well pride build one for dan. Rather or michael berry. I rather was wide. You put rather ahead of michael berry. Dan rather was the first person on the air katya rich. But have you ever heard of the czar. Well yeah he might even tell you that you make one for dan rather yeah. I would say probably that probably but questionable with czar of sports of talk radio. Hi five right next arms around each other. We'll build four statues. We'll have two on each side when he walk in. Dan rather michael berry on one side. Heavy heavy too. Yeah i would imagine that the michael berry would hold dan. Rather than the highest regard. I also would imagine their politics differ a little bit. Yeah just a tad. But he was. That's right rather was here. He was gave the first guy. I'm i'm gonna pine for a michael. Barone czar a statute for the station. He's prying foreign himself and we're in soccer shoes walking around the studio with michael berry you. 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