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But Wendy you start to sort of really start star. Search is kind of was my thing that got me going. Did you win? I did first year. What years at eighty four? Okay. One that. And then I started opening I got back in the day. That's when they use a lot of comics to to to open for a lot of musical interesting. Because that so because because the comedy boom was sorta starting, but like there was still that old because in the seventies before there were franchise comedy clubs all the guys that I talked to open for musical. Sure. But but but you didn't have to do that. You could've went the club row. Did you did both? Okay, did both. But I really got into you know, I opened for some big people in Vegas, and it just snowballed when did you how did, you know to go to Vegas in my mind. Like, I don't go there. Now. Yes. Yeah. I think that's it. I loved what it represented when I was a kid don't I don't feel that food. I do. Yes. Amazing. But I guess my question is you had a choice. So you're working and you break on star. Search could have been on the road with the rest of whoever like we're not clear on who you started with. Or who you see as your peers in terms of when you started. Who are they is? Kevin nealon. Okay. Who I love Larry Miller. Okay. Larry great, Dennis Miller. Right. Those guys. Those guys are other guys. Michael Winslow share, you know. But those guys it really did a hammered the clubs. Did you some party you found a home in Vegas as an entertaining agent at the time health, my agent was I was I was with a big agency has star search and they put me with a couple openers. And at that time in my life opening act happening gave yeah. Putting gigs. And I started out with Diana Ross Sinatra Sammy Dame in Vegas at the desert inn at the desert inn that Caesar's and in those days, I was a little different than a lot of the openers. And I did a lot of crowd work mo-, mostly because the main act I got it to crowd work because my main stuff wasn't great. And my crowd work just had a way of bringing them around because no one wants to see the opening act, and it makes it intimate. Room for the main act, right? And I would talk about the headliners and do jokes, and they like that. And they liked it. And it started to just really snowball. I would go to Vegas a lot with my father, my dad like, yeah. And I I saw early and I fell in love with it and the Vegas all of it all of it. Unfortunately, the bat. Yeah. You know, had a comedian that the club last week when I was there. They Mark Eddie. Okay. And he brought he flew in his uncle from LA is very close with who is ninety two. Wow. And he ran the Fremont downtown and really for worked for Meyer Lansky, and he had stories I love that area. And he's very very different. I just got lucky. I got in with the MGM people very very early. And they've been amazing natural club is to this day and Iraq GARRETT'S, right? Yep. Yep. And. I know it kind of sounds corny. But you know, I I am very grateful, and I've been very lucky, and I always wanted to build a club for comics. And I built this room. That's like a mini theater. It's only one show a night. And I put the comics in the rooms, I would free ancho three per three men show, and the crowds are great and local house. Sometimes bring in a host or get a local, you know, I go for it. I get the better acts. I put him in great rooms at the towers, and it's just it's been really great. And it's helped a lot of people in a lot of people gotten gigs from it. And then I bring in the old guys too. And then some of the new guys, but it just feels good because you know, lot of people helping and we're very kind to me and still are and. Knicks not comics much as I don't have a group. I never I was never..

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