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On. I think that's what the vast majority of new yorkers and americans want and the voices telling us go backwards. That's that's not what people are looking for. They want healing. They want us to put that pass that held us back behind us. Remember we've we've crashed over the commercial break but i wanna squeeze in one presidential question about this which would be in a de blasio administration with a de blasio chosen attorney general. How would the justice department approach approach. These cases lawrence. I think there should be an immediate commitment to speedy justice in fact i would support legislation of the federal level to require a time limit. Whenever ever there's an issue of police discipline our case involving a police officer in this case and an unarmed civilian the justice department needs to come in and make a decision in real time one year to year whatever frame that should be decided it should be mandatory and in my administration as president i would. I'd say the justice department makes very clear to local authorities. If you're not going to address this issue the justice department will step in in a speedy manner and address forthrightly forthrightly democratic presidential candidate new york city mayor bill de blasio. Thank you very much for joining us on this important night on this very important subject important in new york city and the country. Thank you very much mr bank you. We'll be joined by another democratic presidential candidate senator cory booker next and later in this hour. We'll be joined by the political scientists who predicted last year's forty seat pick up by the democrats in the house long before anyone else saw that coming and she's ready the prediction above the electoral college. It's very specific. You're gonna wanna take notes. What happened to senator cory booker in the last presidential debate when he began his opening statement will not happen next time. Thank you last week. The president of the united states attacked an american city city calling it. A disgusting rat infested rodent mass. We need a nation understands that these tired old language the crowd chanting fire pantaleo got their way today. The new york city police commissioner fired officer daniel pencil who was seen on video five years ago using a chokehold on eric garner that the medical examiner said caused eric garner's death and joining our discussion now is cory booker democratic senator from new jersey presidential candidate senator booker. I just wanted to begin with the developments. In the eric garner's story today <hes> that has been five years in the making and finally we see the firing a your former mayor yourself. What is your reaction to what you saw today. Well first of all this is justice delayed and five years to come to this conclusion. It's very frustrating the process but i think the larger point that i wanna make as guy who knows the fear of being followed because of the color of your skin being pulled over that for every name we know like eric garner there are thousands we do not ah for every video that we actually see there are thousands and thousands of incidents.

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