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Brand stuff because when you're not even recruiting a five star player and suddenly you get a phone call and they're like, hey, you want this five star player, and then he comes in. He commits something happened. Rick knows that. In fact, the only other time I can think of a coach telling a similar story like we weren't even recruiting Brian Bowen, and then we get a phone call and it's like, would you be interested in Brian Bowen? And I'm like, of course, like Rick said it was the easiest recruitment ever which is a red flag. The only other time I remember saints similar Tim Floyd about about OJ. It's the same story, Tim, Tim got a phone call from somebody, hey, would you be interested in j of course the interested in no Jamia. Then we get a commitment from Jamia. Easiest recruitment ever. Well, turns out like everybody was paying everybody. And same thing with here. So if you get that phone call, Rick, smart enough to know all right, this is this isn't normal by his own admission. It's not normal. And so what? What's going on here and and it, you know, again on that one, I will totally. I'll ride for Rik forever about the stripper parties, but on the Brian Bowen thing, I. I think you'd have to be a little naive to think. Again, one of two things he knew or he went at really out of his way to not know, hey, leave me. I don't need to know nothing about nothing. Don't fill me in on the details. You guys do whatever you guys do. It's got to be one of those two things, three, two other questions regard to the earlier. I said, we had seven left. We'd already talked about three. Actually. We'd already talked about four because the other one we had talked about was, has the FBI investigation significantly reduce cheating the past in mice coach, you said no, or that they weren't sure we talked about that when on the last one. So when we didn't get to with the FBI was will the FBI charge another coach in its case in college basketball in the last one, we'll get to it. A second here was the shuttle. Any guidelines. With this FBI question, will it charge another coach from now until whenever this case wraps up. Let's knowledge. The fact that most of the coaches, if not all of the coach that we pulled here are not privy to inside information because the Federal Bureau of investigation is the department of Justice and leaks are highly unlikely to put it to to put it lightly here. So it is a lot based on their own interpretation and what they think and also potentially what they may know of cheating that could've curtain sport and how that could lead to potential charges down the road. If anything is brought out in discovery and trials overall more nos than yeses. And that's what I thought. I thought it'd be a little closer. We at sixty three percents, no thirty. Seven percent say yes, they believe another coach will be charged. Couple coaches said they were hoping it would happen, which is a little harsh and kind of hard to hear, but the reasons we're listen, I'm so sick of the guys that cheat in this business, getting ahead, either them or their staffs. And you know, I do my damnedest to make sure that we do not sheet. I insist to my staff. I know what I'm on top of my guys. We do not cut the corners. So yeah, if there are still guys out there that have cheated one way or the other, I want them to get pinched because I'm tired of going against us the games. All ready, Rick too much against me to begin with. That was the reasoning for it. But overall, the belief that there won't be more coaches charged has been the passage of time. We had a superseding indictment come out in April that implicated Kansas roped in Maryland. NC state has acknowledged that it was a peanut as well. So you had other schools that were brought into this in an official capacity and still we've had no coach that have actually been charging this since late September of twenty seventeen. That was the biggest reason why coaches said no, they clearly believe that we would have gotten to the middle of August or the end of July..

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