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Could see a few showers but otherwise mostly cloudy and breezy I'm storm team four meter all just Michelle Grossman Blue sky some high clouds out there 49 in Gaithersburg definitely a cool spot 54 in Arlington and 52° in lanham Three 41 now on WTO French president Emmanuel Macron has announced he will run for reelection That vote is scheduled to be held in two rounds April 10th and then the 24th and while while Corona had indicated he wanted to run for a second term his campaign plans were altered by Russia's invasion of Ukraine Macron has spent most of the last few weeks working with world leaders and coordinating with allies on resolving the situation in Ukraine Here at home Republicans efforts to reclaim a majority in the Senate has hit another snag Arizona governor Doug ducey has reportedly told Republican leader Mitch McConnell he will not get into the state Senate contest The GOP is looking to knock off incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly Ducey's decision is confirmed by a person with direct knowledge and donors have also been told doocy's decision marks another significant recruiting failure for McConnell and his allies Maryland governor Larry Hogan turned down a plea to run as did New Hampshire governor Chris sanuto Three 42 lots of people have been looking to change jobs as of late but what exactly do they want to do Look at Google searches gives some insight into the D.C. region Google took a closer look at searches that started with how to become a and broke it down by area So in D.C. how to become a notary how to become a real estate agent and how to become a firefighter where the top three for this area Over the past year says Google trends expert Jocelyn runes She says search is about being a firefighter fit with a national trend of people looking to help others And then we're also seeing a big theme in roles that don't require a traditional boss Like notary or realtor John Aaron WTO P news William Faulkner famously said the past is never dead It's not even past That's the theme of the play blue door now showing at the Paris theater in Silver Spring The main character is suffering from insomnia And his ancestors start to visit him Artistic director Kevin O'Connell says the main character Lewis is first visited by his great grandfather Simon a slave in South Carolina He lives with his mother obviously my plantation He's next visited by his grandfather Jesse Simon is a sharecropper and Jesse witnesses the Klan coming to intimidate Simon into not voting Finally he sees visions of his own childhood with father Charles When Lewis says he tried to get good grades and he says black people don't try Black people fail You best do better than try Jason fraley WT if he news The latest on baseball labor talks That's ahead of three 43 Are you shopping for your first home Or fourth or 5th At cap center there's an easier way And a less expensive way Cap your stress by.

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