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Do for them. Stephen. As small business owners really struggle this time during this time, cashflow always tightens up and it becomes critical. So if you can know what you have in the bank right now and you can have the other apps feed right into your accounting system that's really gonNA help you manage a much more lean machine. Exactly. And that's you know the data we have actually because of quality the data in the zero platform, we've been able to look at three hundred, thousand small businesses in an aggregated anonymous, humous white. And when you look at the data, you can see that for those that really do use a number of applications, the more applications that use. Let's call it cloud software to run their business, the list of impacted when it comes to drops in revenue and also the number of people employ. So we have the data that really shows the using the technology and the more you use the list luckily to be affected by they you know shocks that we've been talking. Through nineteen. So Steve, what else did you learn from this? These three hundred thousand small business owners about how they're doing now during the pandemic. Well. One of the big things where winning is we're seeing the correlation particularly between the impact of covid non chain and the restrictions on doing business and the government support. The different countries are offering this small business constituents, and there's not question does two things have to be very, very closely connected. So governments need to understand that small businesses hurting and it is important to make sure. The subsidies and support programs continue to support Small Business Walser, these words frictions on doing business, and then out of that, a bit of the Government Stu Y-, we can see across the world the the list, the impact on revenues and jobs because obviously business of getting that support. So for the US I for the US in particular, it is really important that government continues to support small business. Yeah I. Think it's been difficult here I mean we had the PGA program where Companies were able to supplement their payroll and some. Certain expenses but that's really.

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