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I think we expect them to be They can't run the football they haven't been able to their all line has been horrible in the running game. They're creating point nine two yards before contact. That's the worst rate in football. And you've seen the you've seen the volume of opportunities. Just go down. i mean. It's like if benny snell fails on a couple carey's there they abandoned the run last week Yeah the the nice thing is james. Conner should be available for this game. He's obviously been far far far more successful than benny snell as far as creating stuff on his own in which case maybe they have a semblance of a run game. What do you do with james conner as far as your confidence level starting him. This isn't a bad match up. Obviously i think some steelers fans would say they need to Establish the run a little bit better. Where're you going into the playoffs for a player. Who's coming back off of injury or nothing back off. A covert sure coming back off of off of covid. My confidence level is that he is a very you know. He's on a good team and he's going to get all the work but he's not able to establish his will and hasn't been able to all year in the offensive line isn't doing it for him. So when i stare at down you know. I wanna play. Jk dobbins against cleveland. Over james conner. About melvin gordon against the carolina panthers. I probably play. Melvin gordon ga. Yeah here's i think not happy about it but i am. I think this is telling. Let me let me read you. The last seven games for james conner before he went out and what his fantasy finishes were because if you look they're all pretty good they're pretty okay but none of them are great. Yeah the runningback twenty then running six. I guess that one was great. Then the running eighteen fourteen running back. Dr great thirty four and nineteen. So he's kind of this. He's got enough volume in a good offense to be a starter asset. He's not going out there and winning you a playoff game. It doesn't seem likely the steelers are gonna be a big either and lean on the run over the second half of the game. So yeah. you're not gonna win you the week but better than peyton barber. Yes all right. He's not masking tape. He's duct tape. But it's still taping problem. Yeah you know right. you're not flex zealand is that he's not flexible. Just duct tape all right. I know albertans impressed with all of our like hardware knowledge. Uc's no flathead screw. Thank you thank you. i like it. did you just play a drop for yourself for us. We're we're men now because we talked about.

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