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Around seven and for that reason, he echoed Alsobrooks right now is not safe for us to face. Three Alsobrooks did announce $2 million in aid for child care, One of the sectors hit especially hard due to the Corona virus pandemic. Kate Ryan. W T o P News Now, the Montgomery County executive Marquel Rich said yesterday. The county is also staying in phase two for now, and he'll have some new guidance on that. Tomorrow. Counties that are moving into Phase three tomorrow include Calvert, Charles, ST Mary's and Howard. Ah, lot of people are likely to vote absentee this year and their mail in ballots ahead of the November election. A recent audit find some political male languished in a Maryland postal facility for days back in May about 68,000 pieces of political mail, sent by a candidate set around a sorting facility in Baltimore for days before it was discovered, even though the facility had claimed all political male have been sorted and cleared every day. That was the findings of an audit done by the Postal Service that focused on the pole. Tickle process. The Post office says ballots were not included in that big stack of mail. But postal workers have warned several sorting machines used to sorting process election. Male have since been removed from mail facilities around Maryland. John Dome in W. T O P news coming up, we'll talk more about mail in voting and why you should be cautious about proclaiming victory on election night..

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