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Them live, and now they got a new album out in their own right. It's live weaklings, and this is a track from the new ones coming out on September. 17th is the release. Be released party on September 12. You could have pickets if you get the trivia answer, right? And you're also going to get the CD And if you don't have the CD, you can get it on whatever it is you enjoy your music on provided it's a download. All right in the on the phone with me from the weaklings we got the manages sees a weakling AK Tony peligro See smokestack weakling, A k A Drummer Jo Billion and Zeke Weakling A K. A Bob Burger. So, Tony, how was this born out of the pandemic? Oh, you know, we're all hanging around, uh, was not a whole lot to do, trying to figure out what to do. And people started doing these. You know these online streams. We waited a little bit, so we found the location that we wanted to do with him. Had good production. We wanted to make sure that whatever we put out live was going to sound and look great. So when that came together has the Strand Theater. That's when we did it. I think we did it in June. Uh huh 2020. So it was really great event. It took 11.5 hours. Wow. Wow. But you know what? The music energizing. You don't get tired playing this stuff, right? Scented What you don't get you Don't get downplaying this stuff. It's just It's so much fun to listen to Only after 11 hours. Alright,.

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