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Like the bills. That are this good going in their place winning ugly. It didn't matter the pittsburgh steelers were able to get done. The last thing he mentioned in his opening address was how good d three edge defenders were of course being. Tj watt melvin. Ingram and alex smith. Of course watt had a pair of sacks forced a fumble ingram lived in the backfield all game long enforced pressure after pressure after pressure. Same without excitement. That trio was unbelievable. coach salman also pointed at cam hayward for another guy that had a great day. Of course hayward had a sack Forced a fumble of his own recovered. A fumble knocked a couple. Pass out of the air cam hayward was great on this day so getting into the question period. The first thing coach tomlin was asked about. Was cam sutton's play on that fourth downturn over where he shot the defense and made that tackle in that weird kind of a slant out throw into the backfield. That josh allen made that of course Went for loss of about six yards. The steelers did see kind of a fullback carry on tape and kind of assumed that the next part of that play would be some sort of a kick out to the running back. I'm so the kind of anticipated Something like that was in the playbook but He pointed camps on for making a great football play in his words After that Coach tomlin was asked about how kind of ugly the offense was in this game. Of course early on especially this first half the steelers could basically muster nothing Turn it around the second but coast said it was not a game that they cared about style. Points offensively out. All they cared about was getting on the field going into it hostile environment against one of the best teams in football and coming away with a victory which is exactly what they did Those kind of those kind of successful things that you wanna find on offense is something they're going to have to grow on and.

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