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Bradley jay jay talking wbz i've got three gentlemen online not necessarily in this order rob jack nick one open line therefore if you wanna call in participate in a media conversation who is your favorite dj growing up who's your favorite newscaster growing up and it doesn't matter this is a boston radio station you hear the tikki tikki of fingers on the keyboard that joe green green we'd just listened to joe stapleton doing the traffic god bless him right myself boston has had some amazing traffic reporters and i told you there's a couple of people that have been reaching out to me on twitter and facebook and i'm sorry about the tap tap tapping i didn't realize it was coming across because they were like you know who else do you remember besides joe stapleton i'm like well obviously i remember joe i just listened to him but that just got me thinking about job green and the busy copter and you know some people at other stations like malcolm alter and kevin yeah we had some great ones we really did but anyway you were talking about the nice folks that are on the line waiting for us so let's take robin hyde park right away good morning welcome to the fourth of july donna donahue about forty years ago help because we had john school oh my god oh my god career thing so she was making down smoker at wchs yes yup i ever talk a little bit about no soap radio about radio business but i called about kenny mayor yes movie who was the booth announcer term for your own was also the program director at w w b o and he told me i don't have been there because i was i was with more a couple of shows when he was over there and we installed this so talk with saudi of he couldn't figure out how to use it so we just got rid of it i don't wanna use it they continued on and then after a while complete taped show right in my correct eventually he taped his show he recorded it on thursdays and was played sunday midnight until two am i'm buckling line zip appropriate that would sound today but yeah counting all the time people forget that after midnight many other stations in boston on sunday night would go off the air and they test their tester transmitters and do transmitter maintenance and all that stuff so yes around settling you find yourself down the dial and there's this guy rob are you one two tin cans and a string how about now i'm on a headset you told to do that in the beginning i'm sorry john oh my goodness people okay mark and robb and andrew and peter clarke and all the other producers who do talk show duty tell everybody everybody turned down your radio off yes for him to say mark didn't tell me anything i don't have to be in there to hear it i know mark tells every caller yep when i've been a guest when i phoned in even in the industry and they still say turn your radio down or turn your radio off absolutely because it echoes on the air as we just plus we have a delay right so open line if you wanna call in six one seven two five four ten thirty or eight eight eight nine two four ten thirty are you have to do is be patient michael pickups call and there you go nine hundred ninety nine two four nine two nine ten.

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