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Mm place wait wait wait as dawn lien wage a great mind gain bank he dre mackay there we go either way it is unclear disease there will be a shame done so insane less holder brings to the straight win as now i'm clear where we go from here when will the great way trade well it's not clear to me certainly we have some calls for our guest america's money answers man jordan goodman before we go to those calls a very basic question why use bitcoin at all i mean that it's not like the the dollar is inflating like uh like the deutschmark did in germany in the 1920s were like the inflation that hit i think bolivia back in the the 1980s i mean it's pretty stable currency were doing everything in our power to to undercut it of course had river our economy apart with our profligate spending but we haven't succeeded yet so so why even bother with the unless it's just a a hobby for people who don't have a life it is not about inflation it's about privacy speed cost and uh the ability to move money instantly anywhere in the world in huge quantities uh using the underlying technologies call the block chang and the blocking is useful cryptocurrencies but it's going to be used for all kinds of other things as well as far as moving huge amounts of information so people do it because they want uh privacy and security supposedly them because they think it's going to act um and it's a worldwide exchange it's kind of as a certain antigovernment feeling to it as well it's not controlled by governments by central banks from people like that as well now if you're the venezuela arctic it understand why would want to.

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