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Call is Jerry, and Jerry is calling in from Shelbyville, Tennessee. Jerry, if we can get the button to work. There we go. We'll get you on the air. Jerry's a democrat. Hi, jerry. Well, I mean might there's clear raves the democrat democrat, and but this time we're all not don't democrat get some stupid people running the party and this. Yeah, shields. Did you had on their minutes ago? He's crazy. Feel sorry for the Democrats. And I will not vote democrat this time. That's all I wanna do that. Jerry. Have you been watching the news about the Muller report released today? Oh seen all of it. Had it on news all day. And read out of and mode. Most been read out on the news. And you know, I don't blame krizner Trump because the Democrats which is now cannot vote for him. I call him a traitor. They call him treason, then count him out. I don't blame him. I would try to stop it to our dairy and Shelbyville, Tennessee. Thank you for your call. Jeremy is in Sioux City Iowa. Jeremy what do you think about today? Well, my thoughts are I'm just wondering if the Democratic Party is going to accept responsibility. When the redacted report comes out, and there's finding of all the shady stuff that went on in the democratic side with the spying on Trump by Obama in the spying that was done by Hillary, and what legal rough -cations are going to happen or take place to the Democratic Party. When that comes out, you think that might be in some of the redacted portions of the Miller report. Absolutely. All right. Tyler is in Alabama. And Tyler is that when Tomko Alabama. Yes, sir. I'm kind of Obama Republican your turn. Okay. Good deal. Well, I want to ask a question that maybe you can clarify for me. I understand that. There have been four at least four different and vested into the Trump Russia, collusion and other than yours. And I just would like to see you could identify those for me and define their scope. As minister elaine's was speaking about regarding the scope of Muller's investigation, and of course, their conclusions. If any then reach trying to son have been reached, but maybe some of those other investigations are still ongoing. Now, why do you ask that question? Tyler. Well, I just for my own knowledge. I wanted to know I know that like two other at least I've seen on the news that two investigations, I think one in the Senate at found that there was no collusion. And then maybe one in the house found something similar conclusion. And I just was wondering if these investigations found find can collision along with millers, how the Democrats are really going to have much of a leg to stand on to go further with us impeachment process. If that's what they elected do. Well, the Muller investigation started in may of twenty seventeen following some investigations by congress. And now, we're culminating in today's release report. It sounds like that attorney general William bar will be releasing a more unredacted version. To the leaders of the house and Senate in the near future. They'll be able to go over to the department of Justice and read that more unredacted version, we learned that from the reporter we talked to earlier from CQ. And so that's going to happen. We also learned that the Democrats are holding a conference call on Monday to discuss the mullahs report, and what their plan of action could be and William bar will be testifying up on Capitol Hill may first and second he'll be at the Senate and then over the House Judiciary committee's. Of course. Those will be live on the span networks Koreans and Davenport, Iowa democrat. Hi, corinne. Hi, my apologies for the gentleman from Sioux city's very confused about what's going on. I'm sorry. There's Iowans out there like that. I very obvious to me. Why there's no smoking gun. It's because the president wasn't bought for with the subpoena powers to be put in place, and they'd be asked these direct questions and be put on the record with his answers. Instead he was allowed to sit there and say, oh, I don't remember this or I don't recall or whatever it was. And that's where it was left. In fact, I also don't recall that I've heard that any of the family members were brought in and subpoenaed and asked direct questions and put on the spot those people Jared, and and Donald that went to that Trump Tower meeting in itself more they buy fourth and and put on the hot seat. I mean, if you don't have people on record telling their. Lies and being caught in their lives. Then of course, there's a folk Fokin gun in there is there Korean did. Have you read the report, and you looked at over yet? No, I I don't I don't really see what the need is to read the report. I'll let the congress people read the report and proceed in doing. What's needs to be done to get our democracy back on track? And if you are interested in reading the report, you can do so add C-SPAN dot org just to go to corinn's comment. One of the appendices in the report are the written questions that the the Muller team submitted to the president, and you can see all those written questions there Floyd Bossier city, Louisiana independent line could evening Floyd. Hello. Hello. Hello. Eighty four year old military man has spent twenty three years in the military. And I'm here to tell you that. I just don't understand or out system is going to if they would've invested they investigated this president fully took off his they would have known that. He's a street crook as a con man and his family all have lived off the country, and they have done nothing for this country. And he is in there, you tell over and over and over, and I can't understand why the van Jellicoe and all those time hot powered ministers are supporting this, man. What do they tell their children? How do they had to that era about our president of the United States? This is all have have to say, God bless this country and a lot forgive us for living. This man ruinous carpet, Lloyd in Bossier city, Louisiana up next is John in Salt Lake City Democrat John have you spent any time with the Muller report today. Well, I haven't been able to just only became available of this morning, but I have been following on the news, you know, the various publications that seem to be in place, but you know. It to me the thing number one. The members of these congressional committees should have gotten that report at the same time. The White House did the whole handling by William bar shows political favouritism, and basically his shows that he was basically brought on and appointed by Donald Trump for the purpose of doing everything he could defeat the investigation. You know that I'm sorry for a by two Republicans. I gotta tell you that I was born and raised on a ranger in your time. My father was Republican probably I voted Republican until I was probably twenty five or thirty, and, you know, the work in in the law in accounting and taxes, and so forth that I've had a basically kind of. Me to shift the parties from Republican to democrat. We the Democrats are in Salt Lake City have been gerrymandered out of existence by a a super Republican Mormon legislature. And that's the essence of living in Utah. But nothing because of navy there's John in Salt Lake City and his comments about the Muller report. Release one more call before we throw some we want to show you some more tape, and we're going to get to rob and Madison Mississippi on our Republican line, rob what's your comment on the release of the Muller report where I think the Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. How can anybody li- Lah Lah and have a strike SEIs? And you know, I don't know. There's this lots of lots of different opinions. But there in lies we got the greatest con. To me this ever been when it comes to the Muller report. Rob what are some of the lies that the Democrats are telling? I mean, it's it's fine. Black. I mean, it really is white and black in. All righty. Thank you so much. Well, White House counsel Lur Kellyanne Conway made it out to the White House lawn to talk to reporters after William bars press conference this morning, and here's her interaction with the reporters. Jackie. Since he got elected. How does a medical exam of when the president still wasn't feared? And I call this a political proctology exam, actually gentlemen, and the deputy Torney general any original for patient said that safe ound basis for obstruction. And you know, he's been cleared, but this is a Mullah.

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