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Hundreds of thousands of americans go missing every year. So maybe like me. You're a little confused when the entire internet seem to dedicate itself last week to finding just one of them we reach out to vox. Culture writer asia romano to figure out what made the disappearance of gabby petito different. Why people so quickly became obsessed. Sean i think there are a number of reasons beginning with the viral social media aspect of the case. She was an aspiring influencers. She a hashtag her quote unquote van life on instagram. She had this supposedly idyllic life where she was road tripping with her boyfriend the man of her dreams and from outside at all. It's very picture perfect. I think our plan for today is to just hang out here in the tent. But then she abruptly went missing and i think just that fact by itself was enough to really intrigued. People the search for twenty two year old gabby petito spans across the country bringing gabby petito home safely. That is her family's goal. Then as this case went viral more people got involved and the internet's role in solving it. I think Has raised many many questions and sparked lots of discussion about various aspects of prime and various aspects of the role that quote unquote webs. Lose play hampering or helping investigations. Let's go back to the beginning of this road trip. Gabby petito is inspiring influence on instagram. Does she have a big following. She did not have a very big following but she was hoping to substantially increase her following over the summer when she and her boyfriend brian. We're going to go on this road trip across the us and she began posting content in july documenting. Their trip They were going through all these national parts. Visiting all these like sanders like just having a really really nice time At least that's the impression that you might have gotten some precision. Hello good morning really nice and sunny today. Only ten o'clock in the morning except then abruptly at the end of august she went missing..

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