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Excuse me new record. Kelsey is out today. Let's talk about. Which of these songs did you feel? Like was the most vulnerable where you're like. I don't know if I put this out. It's going to kind of press back on me a little bit. La I I. I write a song by myself on every album. And that tends to be the most honest. Because it's kind of the tug of war of me loving traveling and loving working but also really newly understanding the value of home and like putting route send somewhere. I didn't didn't really know that before the this last season of life. So it's about that it's also about. This is the first album where I wrote outside of Nashville. It was the first album that I wrote with people that weren't necessarily country songwriters our country producers. And so I kind of had this moment of panic of like. Oh my gosh if I put beat drop in this song instead of a Banjo or people are gonNA think that I'm jumping ship and That's what the line in. That song says we'll Tennessee. Be Mad at me. It's it's kind of a tug of war of all those things. Ooh Call them cool in. Tom Is one of them. It sounded though. The Sunday's stay silver Friday morning conversation with Kelsey Ballerini. Who's your most famous friend? The you could call without going. Hey I'm gonNA call you later. Lady just randomly call you just call or not just hitter up. Yeah because you know. There's there's friends they can call for advice. There's also friends that you can be like. What are you doing? How's tour? How's your boyfriend John's dog? Yeah so Halsey would be your most famous chicken friend. I think so. Who would be the most random person that's famous that we know you call and you could just call up. We'd be like wow. I didn't know Kelsey knew this person like someone really random Chelsea handler. Okay that's good at random we do you do on. I was reading that you eat ranch on your stake I do. I'm trying to get better. Come trying to be an adult and adults. Don't put ranch on stage. He's a big ranch on. Lots of stuff got ranch pizza Fisher like steak I I do catch up okay. I think all the southern southern thing no more than a thing yeah condiments on our meets regardless of how fancy them that's true. I have a sophisticated enough palette. Yeah and growing up like we didn't have like fillets like like T. bones or whatever. So yeah you need from the dollar store. Clearance Maitland. Something on it on On reddit this they do ask me anything because I was GONNA ask you a few questions here. The the these are some of the questions they asked people your first online username ballet mania. That was my first email ballet mania dot com like valley dance ballet the dance. I danced for ten years and I like really loved it but then I was like everyone's GonNa keep saying Oh Ballerini the bell arena you know and then I also like hit puberty and got really long. I'm like super like Tallin Linke now so I lost all my coordination but yeah. I was obsessed with ballet for a long time satellite mania when they retired. Am where'd you like him? Chapter a season to season of life. Yeah One more from the The Ama what's the most successful prank? You've ever pulled when I was still living KNOXVILLE. I had this X. You know as you do and I wanted to pull prank on him so I I've catered as yard. Have you heard of this working soaping? What's a tater? So you get a bunch of instant mashed potatoes and you sprinkle them all over the yard and you let the hose run. Oh that's turns the mashed potatoes. Many boxes of mashed potatoes is that oh I mean we cleaned out kroger. Was He living on his own or with our bet. They were not happy with you. I bet they were not happy with. We would buy toilet paper to roll people's houses and when we were doing we'd go any three cases of toilet paper and they would go. Okay Kid when you go and buy a bunch of mashed potatoes and the only thing. It's like Thanksgiving early or something Kelsey Ballerini. Her new record called Kelsey is how you self titled. This is why I think it's kind of me doing a lot of self discovery that felt like it was a first name basis album. How long have you and Morgan Been Married now? Two and a half years. What's a piece of a marriage advice that you would give to people going Kelsey? Gay Marriage of ice therapy got it. There is that something that you were given as advice. No actually like we didn't do any therapy like premarital or anything like that. I always had like a really negative connotation with therapy But then you know we don't have normal lives and we don't have normal schedules and that kind of stuff and so we were like you know what? Let's get ahead of this and let's make sure that we're in a healthy place all the time and let's also be able to call out when we're not and have helped So yeah I would. I would highly recommend it would twenty six-year-old kills till sixteen year old Kelsey. She'd give her a hug I don't know I think there's so much beauty and being naive I really do so I would. I would not tell her anything. I just gave her house. The dog has dibs do. How did they go training? Dibs like what was that scenario. I'm struggling a bit. Yeah it's it's tough I mean in the Lavenham is super dislike floppy and playful all the time so when he's not with us or my mom with a trainer and she helps them with all that but he he's five and he just now became like a good boy at five thought. We're working on the good boy with mine. He has moments of good boy then. He has the Devil Devil our twice a day. Especially it's like zoom. He's like if he's has energy just ready to go. He is the devil but he's so cute. I don't care. Did you have your phone with you? you don't have to okay. What's your background wallpaper on your phone? They gotTa Devil is your dog. You know what so is mine actually? Yeah Yeah what's Morgan's is that a view or is it. It's us on vacation does he. Now 'cause dibs round before Morgan was around. He's like I love you. Know he knows what a piece of advice for another artist has stuck with you. We talked about advice. You would think back to you being and you still are probably still taking advice. I think we all should be taking advice all the time who who talked to you early and was like. Hey Kelsey this is gonNA happen. Was Taylor but Taylor. When I was on radio tour and I was so worried about like miss stepping or saying something wrong or not being eloquent you know because I was so young and I remember going to her and just being like you did this young one of like what do I do and she was it was like you're just you're over thinking everything you go in and talk about if you can't talk about your music like this is what you do know what you should be able to talk about it and don't worry about boundaries. Also another great piece of advice from her was years later. I was like Hitler. How do you make friends? Now how do you know who your friends are now? And she said it's the people that you hang out with the don't always leave with a photo just to prove that you were together morning. Conversation with Ballerini WANNA play a clip of the song that you did with Kenny. Gosh called half of my home is it. Yeah there's not ever written y. Oh I just think it really captures how I feel right now about me. Being gone a lot needs starting to understand the value routes. It's really where I'm at right now. You can Chesney on a song. Oh my gosh you call them to somebody had like a blackout moment of boldness. You know me like. I'm not a bold person. I'm like pretty chill but like we wrote the song and I wrote it with Shane. And Jimmy Nicole and Ross. And he's worked with all of them. You're seeing a lot of names. You need to give flash names here Shane. Mcnally brass copper men. Jimmy Robbins Nicole Galleon. And they've all worked up Kinney and we wrote the song Down in and did the vocals that night. It was like two. Am and I was like you guys. I have to send to Kenny. He's my hometown hero. He's from Knoxville. He makes Knoxville cool. Like I have to send us to him just to see and And I had his number because a couple of years before he was up in New York and I was playing the play station theater the one in Times Square like a couple of weeks later but they have a scrolling marquee of WHO's playing and I guess he like saw my face and my name on the marquee took a photo of it got my number and just sitting out of the blue he said. Hey this is Kenny. Chesney proud of you hometown girl. He's and I. It was like two and a half three years ago in a so encouraging to me at that point so I had his number because I saved it and Then you just cinema song. I just a song. Nice Nice for you on any other day. I don't know but I did. Yeah and what's his response key texts the next day and he was like this made me emotional listening to it. I love it. I'm proud of you. Let me figure out my plan. Because he's putting out music too And make sure that I can like really aligned and do this with you. And then he came back and he was like. I'm down how that's pretty cool here. It is. Here's half my hometown from Kelsey and Kenny. Chesney.

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