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Pam Coulter. General Motors decision to shut down production at some factories and trend thousands of jobs is a blow to workers at the start of the holidays. I've been here. Twenty eight years I've been to closure and Scarborough I've been through closer in London. I moved my family twice for this company. And they do this to me it's at a rally near GM's Lordstown Ohio plant last year. President Trump told people the jobs are coming back CBS's. Steven Portnoy, the president reacted angrily to the GM decision, particularly the company's plan to shutter its plant in northeastern Ohio where GM makes the Chevy Cruz. I have no doubt that in a not too distant future. They'll put somebody else they better put something else in Mr. Trump didn't say what he'd do GM doesn't keep its Lordstown Ohio plant open. Steven Portnoy, CBS news, the White House. A six month journey for a NASA spacecraft ended on Mars today confirm. The announcement is insight safely landed on the Martian surface. There was celebration inside mission control. Cheers, hugs, even the few tears. The spacecraft was able to survive a dangerous final plunge reducing it speed from twelve thousand miles an hour to just five miles an hour in less than seven minutes. Now, it's on the surf. Ready to begin its job to study the interior of Mars Steve Futterman, CBS news at the Jet, Propulsion, Laboratory Pasadena, California, at least one person was killed amid scores of highway accidents at a storm that caused blizzard like conditions in parts of the midwest. Hundreds of flights were grounded this, man. Stuck in Chicago. At.

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