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Affair as sexual harassment really might have been helpful because i don't think there was as much question about jennifer flowers is there was about everybody else i mean she had obviously had a relationship with bill clinton now of course what they did to jennifer flowers subsequent to those interviews was horrendous but they did all of these women and by they i mean the clinton machine i mean the you know the george stephanopoulos the immediate response team and in particular hillary rodham clinton who went after these women with a vengeance in our now she's supposed to be a poster child for the metoo movement it really just belies you know anybody believing that so we'll say i mean i i think it's an interesting turnaround that jennifer flowers is now coming forward talking about sexual harassment i'm beginning to think that you know there's nobody on earth who hasn't been sexually harassed or has sexually harassed someone else it's just a matter of degree and at what point are we going to say okay let's let's not even like you know pay each other complements anymore it's starting to be ridiculous although i don't mean to minimize the pain or anguish caused by a sexual harassment that really takes place in the workplace and i think look you know obviously there are some workplaces where it happens more frequently than others i found an interesting article and i probably should have talked about it yesterday with jessica vaughan from the center for immigration studies but i read an article about how do you know that the the people who are most victimized by sexual harassment in the workplace are illegal immigrants now at first i thought what what what is why and then it occurred to me not only do you have power as a boss over an employee but if you're really is in the country illegally you have more power than anyone usually has all your boss can do is fire you or not give you a promotion if you're a legal resident but if you're an illegal immigrant they just threaten you and they told all these stories about these you know plants and and service industries where these female illegal immigrants were you like consistently and constantly sexually harassed by their supreme supervisors and even just superiors even just fellow co workers and every time they would object they would be total just call.

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