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From ABC news, John Chuck Sivertsen. Hurricane Florence is still a category three storm. But the winds have died down a bit to one hundred fifteen miles per hour. Still officials are warning residents to get out the greatest fear of officials here is that a brighter hurricane outlook. Mike keep some residents who are on the fence about evacuating from doing. So after all says Raleigh North Carolina city manager Ruffin hall. There's a real potential for significant damage from this event that will last more than a few days the energy company for this region. Estimates that power outages from hurricane Florence could last for several weeks in two thousand sixteen the milder hurricane Matthew knocked out electrcity to one and a half million homes and businesses in this region. Jim Ryan, ABC news, Wilmington, North Carolina. President Trump says FEMA has resources on the ground, isn't and Trump says federal agencies are doing everything they can. But no one can stop a storm damage. It's going to be one of the biggest to ever hit the east coast. One of the biggest ever hit our country the president urging coastal community residents to leave now. Red Cross predicting only temporarily house one hundred thousand evacuees Andy Field ABC news, Washington. President Trump is back at the White House after attending a fundraiser for his reelection campaign and the Republican party ten jurors have been seated and the trial of Chicago police officer accused of murdering a black teenager in two thousand fourteen attorneys argued over race in the second day of jury selection. Russia once again flirts with Alaska ABC's, Alec stone NORAD says to f twenty two fighter jets out of Alaska. Intercepted two Russian bombers on Tuesday night. The night of September. Eleventh the Russian bombers were west of mainland Alaskan were accompanied by two Russian fighter. Jets NORAD says a Russian aircraft remained in international airspace and did not enter US aerospace Russian punk rock protest. Group pussy riot has posted on Facebook. That one of its members has been hospitalized and claims. He was poisoned Peter versa law. One of the band members ran onto the field during the World Cup. You're listening to ABC news. Stay connected. Stay informed. Your husky nation.

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