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Within thirty days within sixty days like you should like you should set the bar high but you also have to think all right. What's the realistic approach here. Specially if i trust them i do see that they have qualifications which another whole thing which we haven't discussed yet but you know it is a marriage to a certain degree provided that you do you propose to somebody who does have qualifications. Somebody who is actually good. Maybe has some experience so but the whole process is going to be a messy. And i do think as long as progress is being made and the agency is constantly iterating and moving forward and showing that progress in you as a business owner or the cmo or the vp of marketing is on board with the plan is in make sense. Based upon the data you're moving towards the right result even though it's not there yet you wanna get there as fast as possible. I get it but like that. Initial phase especially is a messy one and one. That isn't clear in isn't clean. And i don't care what kind of proposal or deck on a marketing agency put together it all changes within like thirty sixty ninety days. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Mike tyson said so get punched a lot in the mouth and marketing. So what's the what's the second most important thing. I think we've sort of beaten that one up pretty much a number one like what would be the second thing that you would recommend people whereas they're looking for a marketing agency which they look for qualifications. There's there's a real world of education out there in. It's not like the post-secondary ecosystem where i can just come to you and be like. Oh look i have a bachelor in ads. But i can show you. Every member of my team has gone through this training. Certification france digital marketer has amazing levels of training and certification on multiple topics. That are all even if they're not related directly to paid ads they're necessary to understand the ecosystem and how you know what it is that i'm doing is going to interact with the primary goal at hand and so make sure that whoever you're working with his actually investing in themselves and the way that they do that by the way. I don't think there's a right way. It just needs to be articulated. And i mean i buy everybody's education you know. I feel like forgive me for being mild arrogant. I feel like we're told authorities. And if i'm running through scrolling through facebook and i see somebody's little dumpy youtube training course. I'm gonna snap that thing up. Because i've learned stuff you know. There's some kid in a basement. Somewhere in the middle of who knows what ohio pickle for some reason and he knows something about you to that. I don't know he figured something out that i didn't figure out. And so yeah making sure that you're properly qualified and that you maintain your continuing education is and building that into the culture. The agency i think is critically important. How does how does somebody who's shopping for marketing agency. Figure that out is it hall badges and blooms on the site. Because i know from google side. Sometimes the emblems in the badges don't necessarily equate to qualifications or competence. Like how would you like take it. Take a step back as a non agency owner. If you were trying to hire an agency for your agency like how would you figure out. Are there really good. They're qualified there at the bleeding edge. The tip of the spear all that sorta stuff ask so. I think the badges to your point.

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