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Making for a slick drive to w w j NewsRadio nine fifties. John Hewitt out and about he joins us live and local with more. How is it where you are John not too bad? Greg on my way, back from Ann Arbor. I've pulled over momentarily here in the city of Plymouth where big snowflakes continue to slowly fall. It looks frankly like somebody shook the snow globe out here. It's quite pretty but a wet snow. That's building up on the lawns. Not on the pavement is melting. And that's not to say though, on my way back in fourteen south here on to seventy five a few motorists weren't off the roadway. One of them a short time ago at Ann Arbor road at the annaborough exit onto seventy five. South the driver of afford escaped somehow escaped the highway down into the ditch to the right of the ramp there. Fortunately, did not appear to be an injury accident but not freezing. But slowing down certainly advisable for the ride home today. Reporting live and local implement John Hewitt, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty. WWE news time three or four a private eye has been following around the mayor of Detroit and claims to have evidence of an affair w w j NewsRadio nine fifty Sandra McNeill is live with the story. Sandra and broke the investigator apparently hired by Robert carmax, a businessman who has had a couple of spats with the city over his properties. The video shows mayor Doug and apparently spending an hour or so at a home in the suburbs. Or a woman has arrived earlier. Now, isn't it illegal to video someone on the slide show it to the public w j legal analyst Charlie Langton says unless you're inside the home or in the bathroom? No, investigators do this all the time pretty much every divorce case if one spouse cheating on the other still sent an investigator out, and they spy all the time mayor Duggan and his wife, Lori released a statement saying the video spliced together to put a negative slant on their marriage. The couple say they're proud of their marriage thirty two year, strong and plan to spend the rest of their lives together. Reporting live, Sandra McNeill, WW, Jane is radio news. Fifty sixty nine year old suspect in a double murder at a Detroit senior apartment building remains at large police, say James Fleming. So also, a registered sex offender and a tenant of the Phillips sim senior housing complex. That's where an unarmed security guard and another resident were gunned down a warrant requests. For Fleming was being prepared for the wing county. Prosecutor's office Fleming also accused of trying to rape another woman who is visiting him earlier Ferndale. Police trying to nail a suspect who appears to be trying to hurt others WW. Newsradio nine fifty zero. Uber has more for the second time in two weeks. Someone placed several piles of nails on roads around the Ferndale. Police department and the courthouse sergeant Barron Brown says the first time it caused damage to three vehicles. Alpine chop it up to someone who's obviously mad about something. We kinda to some degree understand people get angry with the criminal Justice system, for whatever reason. And sometimes we're going to be the target Brown says it happened again, Monday evening, and it's become clear that the person responsible strategically placing these nails were officers travel. He says they don't have usable surveillance footage because they're undergoing maintenance anyone with information is asked to call Ferndale. Police or crime stoppers at one eight hundred speak up the Herbert WJ. Newsradio nine fifty new this afternoon that move over law in Michigan has expanded to include other vehicles. The law had required drivers slow to ten miles per hour below the posted speed limit and yield their lane when police or emergency vehicles are on the side of the road. But now the Bill includes tow trucks, garbage trucks maintenance facility vehicles that have their lights flashing those who disobey the law could be fined up to four hundred bucks vehicles. Have a lot of high tech crash. Prevention systems. But now there's a warning for car owners who may take them for granted. The triple a warning the technology can help keep you in your lane.

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