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Check it out. Ah, you got the phone number. So let's get right back to the phone calls another busy weekend as they've all been a tely sed for the last 68 months. Ah, Bob, welcome. Good morning, Gary morning. Gary. I'm remodeling the basement or and I'm going to just paint the ceiling Black. Ah, just four. Joyce and But I'm concerned about the duck war. Do you have recommendations about painting? Duck work? You know, I was going to wipe it down with TSP. And how long's that doesn't work been up there? Well, it's probably 15 years, but it looks new and shiny Look. I'd probably wipe it down with vinegar. Vanocur. Okay, Singer will take the oil off. It's not going to really etch it. There's some metal etching products, but I think if you wipe it down with vinegar, maybe put a metal primer on it and then come back with your regular black paint over it. I think you'll be fine. Yeah, that metal primer. I have even won one recommendation to use oil based. He think I need to go to that extreme. Ah, yeah, actually, what I would do is if you, um depending on the type of paint you're using. They'll have a recommended metal metal primer on there. If I always like to kind of keep it in the family if you will. Um, if they did not have a recommendation on there? Yeah, I don't think like a gray oil base metal primer would be a bad idea at all. Yeah, if you used a flat Ah, self prime ing paint to go right over that. I think you'd be in good shape right now. Um, I've had. What do you think about? Besides the duck work, you know the PVC pipes and copper pipes and wiring copper will be the only thing that would be difficult to cover. Yeah. Yeah, the TV said he's not going to be a problem. Yeah, go spray it. Yeah, well, I'm going to a mixture. I was goingto, you know, maybe spray some of the pipe. That's what I'm trying to decide. And Between trying to decide what product and whether I should worry. Some of it rolls some of it. Um, I'm trying to figure all that. Well, there's enough stuff up there. I think you're probably going to be you know if you took some metal primer Brush that on your pipe that you, Khun See, you know, Yeah. You don't have to worry about covering every square inch of it at the top. It's going to be hard and then come back and spray the rest. Right over that pipe. I think that's probably the way to attack it. Yeah, that's kind of what I thought that Want to see what you thought about this all basic because you know, I'm old. I'm old fashioned, and I like all base, but I really didn't want to use it. Well, I think if you got some Marais rustoleum gray primer. I think that would do a good job. That's what I'm thinking about it, and it's just some of the paint Monday. If there's a lot of probably take that sheen off, maybe with Cem 400 grid went dry paper. Um, just a knocked a sheen off it, but I think you'll be good. Today's paints are so much better. You know, I had one more suggestion and also do military work and Everybody. You did a great job recommending cracked killers, especially and but my concern on Berk work as parents, it's not really a structural issues. More parents, um And a lot of the homeowners are, you know, going out behind caulking in a tube direct or grow more in a tube and it really looks like plastic and you know it really In some places it cosmetically. It looks terrible. Oh, yeah. So So you might, you know, even purpose it when you talk to people about. You know what the parents are gonna look like. If they really wanted to blend. They better get that were cleared a really tough point. Boy. You're exactly right. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna argue with any of that Bob fact, some of the acrylic Mortar Cox. They've now even added sand to get texture. But one of the things that I'm finding with the mortar Cox is there acrylics and after they're up for about 45 years, they almost bleach white. I mean, they're not even Grey. They're virtually white. And what what Bob, saying It is true, even taken this another step further. Um, putting in, you know, it's hard to find a good person to do good mortar work and good tuck pointing and the what really makes the person good is their ability to match that mortar. A zey novice. If you were to chip that mortar out and get a mortar mix, and they make different pigments that you can and of the mortar than in brown and red and tan and black But a CZ you mix it up. That's not the color. It's going to dry, too. And an old trick I was taught many years ago is to get a piece of scrap glass and take that more than just mixed up. Put it on the glass and then turn that glass over and look at it through the glass. That's a pretty good look of what that mortar is gonna look like wins dry, But you're exactly right..

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