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Is that the contest we're picking yeah all right means you're playing against Caleb Kayla Kayla sorry with the K. love are you there Caleb right now all right Caleb we're we're gonna play B. Gina right now and how we play the game is we'll ask you trivia questions if you get to go first to give you an advantage in the game so I'll let you Caleb heads or tails hence a coin toss up serviced heads Caleb goes first all right relational space station apparently so why the topic is X. men movies trivia Caleb gets the first question it is his chance to answer the question correctly exclusively if he gets it right it gets the point if he gets it wrong GT gets a chance to answer correctly and steal the point away the first person to three points wins okay here we go Caleb X. men movies trivia Caleb who is Wolverines brother who is Wolverines brother is in a Ron Swanson B. saber tooth C. beast or D. blew the bear B. favorited Sabretooth is correct Wimbledon for Caleb the G. do controls the question the Gino yes what is magneto his army of mutants called the brotherhood of mutants X. force doterra or the kiss army R. A. brotherhood of mutants yes in a comic book it was the brotherhood of evil mutants which I see I thought was a little on the nose but it's one to one Caleb controls the question Caleb what is it Xavier's exit what is professor exhibitors mutant finding machine call he has the machine that he puts on his head and it can find mutants around the around the globe what is the name of that machine is it Hey Google B. cerebro C. cereal bowl or D. terrible thirty four three rows correct Caleb still batting a thousand it's two to one gene that controls the question Jim yes who is quick silver's sister is it a kellyanne Conway B. Kitty Pryde see the scarlet witch or D. Taylor swift is every answer B. in this game no is this one hi I'm going to step in here is that your is that your lan yes your answers be yes Kitty Pryde that is incorrect Caillaux well.

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