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Di named john winthrop's winthrop was the elected leader of the colonist news very clear about what they were doing their new world they were creating god's kingdom on earth who's gonna be a religious community they would obey god's laws that was the point of it his young roger williams at the radical idea that need they should be a separation of church and state on this new continent several the powersthatbe including john with you at this point as the governor of massachusetts got together and agree that this could not stand this radical anti christian agenda had no place on this new continent and they voted to expel roger williams senna back to england in this dark our one person steps in secret wait to help williams that person was the governor of massachusetts williams main adversary john winthrop's there are all these fascinating hints that winterbrook lights roger williams this is ted widmer historian director of the kirby center for research at the library of congress and by the way from speechwriter for president clinton and fact at the crucial moment when roger williams is about to be arrested and put on a ship and sent back to england winthrop sends word privately it we don't quite know how that williams really ought to go down to near against the day in and winthrop helps them to escape even as he's publicly voting for his banishment williams does good arrogance at bay when he found the state of rhode island and then he and the guy who's administration just kicked an out had this kind of amazing correspondence which last few years the governor winthrop wanted to hear how williams were surviving.

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