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North exactly there is no taxes they're escaping bad weather and they're bringing their liberalism in their destruction with them back to pre right that's what i believe is happening and deep turn out from let's see where the north and campaign um was nearly forty eight percent um from forty percent in 2013 so the the turnout was a lot greater this time round and um when we went to the polls at how little precinct me it was packed we couldn't believe the traffic in and out of there and it was a lot of young people the older people that we used to see i don't know where they went retirement communities or something but there they may still be here in in virginia people you saw budget democrat votes is that what you mean millennials like yeah okay that where'd near the university of virginia as they've been taught the beauty in emily loving nature of communism and they've actually said that they admire uh maotsetung both thought in today completely totally and and then there's the thing with the bat candidate i think of he was terrible candidate he was boring he was he he he looked like he was establishment now wait abdul that's exactly what the republicans say they need they need somebody who's poll white who has good manners who knows how to speak without offending people this is what the republicans say is that ticket now why the nation hates donald trump because they don't like the way talks the like his attitude they don't like his brusque nature and so the answer would seem to be boring milk dr balls who are polite to p r he replied.

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