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Responsible thing to do for future for future generations to put our what we want to day on the backs of our children and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren we believe as the wrong thing to do as a as a a society but also going down this road that we already see before all of this spending and adding to the deficit that the projections work any way that the deficits gorgeous skyrocket over the next ten years that is going to hamper growth and debt like that does hamper economic growth in this country and so you know i look at that and that would be the the negative on the positive i do believe we had become more positive when it be but you know a a a a more i think uh a a progressive army liberal but i mean progressive in the in the uh uh uh the corporate tax for and make make us more competitive with the rest of the world butler was reading the story about the canada and the and the liberal party and the new liberal leader in kano wta who wishes to take we we've got it we've got to have more money we need to take the corporate tax rate from fifteen percent to nineteen percent just to show you that even a liberal country like canada what the corporate tax rate is and how important that they even understand it a what you know what it must be might problem is not the tax cuts my problem was not simplicity that was not the you know that's on my my problem is spending yes my problem is the overall picture of spending that the republicans look like they're not going to get under control in any way possible yeah which goes back to our original point of your widow singer earlier that as if this is where if this igf uttered them this is the gop taking a stand because if if you are not applying an and considering the spending here then and and by the way that's what they'll do next the spending bill as next we'll see if they get it done before the christmas break i i assume.

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