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Institution. Has the right to circumvent The Constitution of the United States. The Texas law prevents an abortion after a doctor detects a heartbeat. Usually around six weeks about 200 foreigners, including Americans left Afghanistan on a commercial flight out of Kabul, the first big flight out of the country since the end of the US evacuation. Last week, a federal judge ruled the new anti riot law in Florida is unconstitutional. Governor Rhonda Santa said it was a way to quell violent protest. The judge ruled the law is vague and overbroad and amounted to an assault on First Amendment. Rights of free speech and assembly stocks finished lower The down down 151 points. This is a P news Leading airlines are warning that the spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus is hurting their bookings. American Airlines says a slowdown that started in August has continued into September. United Airline says it will reduce its schedule later this year to match the lower demand. Delta CEO Ed Bastian says the rise in Covid 19 cases will not derail the travel recovery. But it will delay it by as much as four months. He says. The variant has particularly affected business and international travel, which are both critical to the big airlines. Southwest Airlines says Leisure traveled to his weakened with more cancellations and softer bookings for September and October. I'm Rita Foley, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar says she has been treated for breast cancer. That was detected earlier this year. Global charge tweeted that the cancer was found during a routine mammogram. She eventually had a lumpectomy to remove it. The 61 year old Klobuchar tells ABC's Good Morning America. She completed radiation therapy in May and the check up in August showed she was doing well. Klobuchar says the cancer was stage one a Meaning it had not spread beyond the breast. She said she felt very fortunate to have caught it early after delaying the mammogram because of the coronavirus pandemic. I'm my company..

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