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Would he turns nineteen he'll be nineteen when he graduates from high school in public school. And I know how to make that non-taxable then. When it was paid to you. It was either taxable or it wasn't. It was on Paxil because it's insurance premium being paid out through the state of Texas. Okay. But then and so the only thing that will be taxable in the future would be the growth on the investment. And there are there are no there are no investments that grow completely tax free except Roth IRAs now how your son is nine nine, and you are working now and are providing for the family without the need for this money crack, what do you do transportation broker? Okay. And what do you make? I only draw a forty five thousand dollar salary out of my company year. How old was your husband? Forty one. I'm so sorry. So construction accident or something else construction accident devastating? Well, and you got your budget lined up and you're making it on forty five. Yeah. We we also have other non tax on. We have SSI coming in my son from my husband, ROY when my husband paid into SSI. We also have our life insurance benefit how much much we're your life insurance benefits a lot. Well, made a million two million. Not quite a okay good. Okay. And how much were the other checks on the? I also receive nineteen hundred dollars a month.

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