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I'm Scott Peterson DFL candidate Keith Ellison appears to have a slight lead over Republican Doug wardlow in the final survey on the race for Minnesota attorney general the latest survey USA poll shows Ellison gained a four point advantage with forty four percent support among likely voters and award low at forty percent about twelve percent remained undecided and four percent plan to vote for someone else to twin cities officers killed in the line of duty will be remembered during a groundbreaking event today for the white Seta police memorial the city of wise that approved plans two years ago for a memorial to honor police officers, especially the memory of Sergeant James Anderson who was fatally shot back on August thirty first nineteen eighty two but three days after funding was approved officer Bill Matthews was struck and killed while picking up to bre- on highway twelve in ways that the memorial will now incorporate monuments remembering both sergeant Anderson and officer Matthews some of the construction will be done this fall. With the remainder of the project completed in the spring. It is located on park space, east of wise at a city hall. That's tasha radio reporting. Minnesota housing Commissioner Mary tinker thal announced yesterday. They're investing eighty seven and a half million dollars to create and preserve nearly two thousand affordable homes and rental units across the state represents almost three hundred sixty five million dollars worth of construction and development hawks. In the newsroom, I'm Scott Peterson reporting. MS RPM invoice list price dealer price, Toby Knapp here, if your car shopping, you've probably heard these terms, but what do they mean? It's so confusing. Well, it was confusing not anymore..

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