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Well, okay. That's it. Thanks so much. Betsy. When I travel, I like to look like a boss bitch. And the best way to do that is with good luggage. And I just got some great luggage from away. They offer high quality luggage at a much lower price, cutting out the middleman and selling directly to you. They have nine colors four different sizes. I got the bigger carry on size which I love because I like having a carry on. I don't like having to check my bag all the time because I've had too many bad experiences with people losing my luggage. So I try to keep my stuff with me as much as possible by, like a bigger carry on, because I have a lot of stuff got so many toiletries so much makeup, so many hair products. I need a little bigger. So I got that one, but they also have other grace, I like the carry on the medium and the large pretty simple. Right. All the suitcases are made with premium German polycarbonate, which is lightweight and unrivaled in strength and impact. In resistance. So basically all the people who work at the airport, and still throw yourself around and it'll still look great. They got those three sixty degrees, spinner wheels, which are the best I love just zoom zoom in down the hallway I don't have to worry about dragging it or wheel brakes, or something. This is like I can just have it next to me. You know, you say those people are like, oh, that's a business person. They must travel every single day of the week. That's what you'll look like with this thing. And you will look so good. Also, this thing has one of those USB chargers, you know, when you see somebody sitting there charting their phone because, like, you know, you don't wanna be a plebe sitting on the floor next to a wall outlet. You got to charge it by yourself. So you can charge it wherever you want to with this USB cord. It's so handy..

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