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Dealers, it's include auto parts manufacturers all to get it either Groups that always agree with each other on. Everything but they all got together and urged? The president not to move forward with these with this kind of threat to put a twenty? Five percent tariff on any automobile or automobile part coming into the United. States we're, talking with Josh zoom Brune of the Wall Street Journal. And let's take a step back talk about that twenty. Five percent what does that mean for. The price of a car what parts are. We talking about and any reaction from the White House A would be, any part of the car that is brought in criminal their country and you know the, way the auto industry works in the United States is whether you're looking at you know no matter what brand. Of car you're looking at there's a lot of the. Components that car that, were built, in another country even if the final assembly is done here in the United States the supply, chain of these companies is international and the companies. You know yesterday the senior vice president of Toyota gave some, figures and you know he said that for some of the common brands of cars at Toyota produces the Cami I, believe you said it would be an eighteen hundred dollar cost increase from these tariffs for a Toyota Sienna you said it would be something more like three thousand so we're talking about you know increase in the. Thousands of dollars for kind of ordinary cars that would result, from these tariffs and you know. The figures are going to be. We don't have the exact figures for other models of? Cars but they're presumably going to be on a similar order of magnitude Talking about. Thousands of. Dollars more in the cost of every car in the country potentially which is as the alliance of, automobile manufacturers, puts it a domino effect with the price of. A car the dealers and manufacturers and the suppliers it'd be just a remarkable. Disruption to the industry and one final point because you're saying that, the auto industry is raising the alarm bells is the White House listening well you know just today President Trump was asked about. A meeting that, he's having next week with the European Union any kind of again trotted out the threat, of putting in these tariffs in place and said that you know if Europe doesn't agree to deals at the. US likes it that they're going to get hit with. These terrorists and so, it seems, like the concern from the US industry the the US factories that could be affected by it, isn't a kind of reaching that same level with. The president who still you kind of has his priority it, seems like wanting to get leverage in some of these negotiations with Europe and he's also cited these car tariffs as leverage in the negotiations that are, going on with Mexico and Canada over. A new more North American Free trade agreement over a new NAFTA the Wall Street Journal headline the auto industry pushing the White House to back off on tariffs the. Reporting, Josh zoom, Brune here, in Washington thank you for being with us thanks so much for having me and here's. More with the president, at the White House I have just returned from a very historic up to, Europe where we've made incredible progress toward achieving greater peace security and prosperity for America for allies and in fact for the. Entire world the meetings with NATO the United Kingdom and with, Russia a tremendous success and I think you'll see that play out over a pair of years frankly tremendous success at home our economy is thriving and booming like. I would say never before people are looking and they're trying to find Times. And there's never been a time, like this we've created, more than three point six million jobs since the election We are. In the longest positive job growth straight in. History and the history of our country for at least on record Unemployment has fallen for every demographic group every. Single African American unemployment has reached his lowest levels by far President Trump. Earlier today at the White House in Great Britain today. It was, the ten days ago where British Foreign Secretary had resigned his cabinet position today in the house of Commons Boris Johnson said it's not too late to. Save Brexit is he accused Prime Minister Theresa may have in his words dithering over the UK's strategy for leaving the EU We have time in these negotiations we have changed. Tack once, and we can change again the problem..

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