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Service experience. No middleman, Rex cutting agent commissions by seventy percent to get started and unlock your savings. Visit. So with wrecks dot com. I let's see one side of the coin here Momo, we have got John Ireland who at last check was up one after six holes at industry hills over Travis Rodgers on one side of the coin John Ireland on the other side of the coin Travis Rodgers from the morning show called in the air John's taken this jazz, truly this is John's to lose he is going to dominate. He's going to roll through the back nine love the way. Check, right. Yes. I didn't even know what the morning show is. I've never up that early. It's early. I came in here. I had to do the get up. And then I was like, oh, but if people do after they get up this early, I guess they listen to the morning motor. Exactly. All right. So I go I go. All right. So we've been talking all day about people getting fired or not fired or when other firing themselves J Bickerstaff in Memphis, just got fired after conducting exit interviews my question to you is is there a right way. A firing someone the right way is to do it straight up face to face in a management role in the past. I have had to fire people have as the program director for a radio station only actually had to fire. My brother who was working for me. As wait for that day as the manager of a theatre chain. I had to fire multiple Gers over the course of doing you you call them do meeting you sit down, and you tell them straight up. We're going one direction, and you're going another do you. Explain it to give more information or less information. I try to explain it. I think you try to articulate what went wrong. Yes. It is. And I think people want to know the why. Yeah. The why? Yeah. Yeah. I'd say protest. She say, I'm sorry. Here's the security guy who would show you the door. I think mo- hockey, you it nobody ever really best. No, nobody ever really does. They just take it and leave test. I've been around people got fired all the time. I work radio. It's like you. There's no point in protesting. It's over it's already done. Yeah. All you really want is just respect like you want respect.

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