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That the same thing goes for television if you wanted to watch realistic rendering of some of the events that you see in collateral i don't think it would be nearly as exhilarating in fact it would be utterly depressing than boring but what david hare does really well is he knows that what he wants to do is have his action is going to be people talking and this is similar to what's working does somewhere where a lot of great writers who pichai skis it's having two people three people in a room talking what's happening in that room what's the what's the emotional stakes what is the causing affects the brings them into this room that's getting them out of this room the action is largely verbal he has a certain energy to his his writing that i really respond to and even though it is very very i wouldn't say stagey but it is produced the dialogue between carey mulligan's character kip and her partner throughout the first episode is the radha of you know classic bud cop dialogue shot through maybe you know british boarding school but it still has like a nineteen forties nineteen fifties in the war kind of vibe to it that's what i love i love the idea that someone is using dialogue to create an a tone for the show where most people use camera lighting said it yeah never you can you can create an emotional stakes for television show with dialogue and you can decide you know this is very serious stuff we're talking about we're talking about a murderer we're talking about immigration revie refugees we're talking about brexit but you can create the tone of the show with how people talk and you can tell us a lot about these people's worldviews by how they talk wondering if he responded to that at all in show as well i love the you say that because with the show has the grabbed me right away it has energy and it has intention and i think that's crucial to making something that is entertaining energy is right there i mean the direction by s j clarkson is really good the show is about.

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