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Would it be top ten? I don't know. I've been put on the spot. I need some serious 6 months from to come up with a 5. And that 5 is laminated. She did seeds everywhere a favor today and beat Kai kanepi. Oh yeah, she sure did. Is the only person in the world who draws Diane Perry with all respect that I am parry and goes, oh no. You know, I want to dig a strong tech. I wanted Simona Halep. So true. I'm pleased though that Dan parry is not disappeared. You want to watch a lot more of her and Hugo Gaston, if you're into your Friends. I think he plays tomorrow. But then. Decided against onto the men's draw and a few interesting ones today in the men's draw, Carlos alcaraz just in a casual four hour 14 minute epic beating yelling at stroke in 5 sets. Matt was watching or certainly watched a lot of it. What a way for him to introduce himself to the court on crowd map. Yeah, amazing, and they really did take to him, and I think that's one of the things about our careers is that he knows he plays really exciting tennis. I love that. He's, again, he said in his press conference quickly in the Spanish portion that his tennis is dynamic and fun and therefore he thinks that the crowd really, you know, kind of go with him. And that was definitely the energy on court one as he made this comeback against Jan Leno's truth. Because I really thought he was going out to be honest. He was two sets to one down stroop was bringing it in the way that he can when he's serving well and he's just all his momentum is moving forward in the court and he just imposes himself and his power and he looked the much bigger presence. Alcaraz looked quite kind of small compared to strove. And it was almost reassuring in a way to me that alcaraz was struggling on grass because he's so exceptional. He's so exciting and yet it was like Tennessee's natural defenses of a different surface where like, yeah, but you still got to crack this car loss. And of course, he's so brilliant. He did manage to come through and he did sort of get better as the match went on. I think in the end he won it, lots of reasons. One of them was physically. He seemed the physically stronger, even though I've said that about struff being so imposing our crest was just, you know, he's a teenager, isn't he? He had so much energy, even deep in the 5th set. He's now won 5 of his 6, 5 set matches that he's ever played. The only one he lost was that final set tiebreak to bear a teeny in Australia. He's very, very good, even in deciding sets. And I don't think he's cracked grass, you know, he said that there are players in the tournament who are better on grass than he is. He talks a lot about how the movement is still something that he says, it doesn't come in just a day. You can't just crack the movement on graphs in a day. You need time. And he hasn't had that many matches. So that's definitely something to look out for with him. He served exceptionally well. 30 aces, the most he's ever served, I believe. But generally, the one thing I would say is that great players can just suddenly produce something stunning when they need it. And he did that today in the fourth set tie break, he was a mini breakdown, and he came up with the most stunning single handed on the run flick backhand pass to get him to two one in that tiebreak. It would have been three zero down without it. I watched the replay 6 times in a year. Couldn't believe my eyes, Harry, how he managed it. And it's little just little moments like that. It's just greatness. Okay, he's still got to achieve everything we think is going to achieve, but just I've seen great players do those things and he's already doing them. I can't help thinking that this was the banana skin. The early round problem and having found a way through, imagine if it dries up and he gets his feet under him. Thank you closer for nini next. I mean, that's tough. That's a tough draw. And he's comfortable on grass. And we've seen him cause Murray problems here years ago. But if he can, if you can just stay in the event long enough and not be injured and get comfortable. And the more match time he gets, that's learning time, isn't it? So, and because he's so young, he doesn't have to worry so much about the hours on the clock. You feel like it's just all right in the class. 5 setters and be able to figure it out more. Speaking of 5 setters, we had a 5th set tiebreak. Today, in fact, I think we had a couple, but the one I'm talking about here is 7 seed Hubert her catch going out to Alejandro davidovich for kina. Always of an honor skin this one, a blooming tough draw for her catch, a davidovich Burkina, okay, you might not think of him as a grass court, but he did win juniors at Wimbledon in 2017. And it was the most, I want to think of a non clean. I don't want to say roller coaster. I don't want to say topsy turvy. But it was all of those things this match. It was a thrill ride. Alejandro davidovich for kina was two sets to love 5 three 40 love serving. And this went 5. He went for a completely unnecessary tweener. Fast forwards will including rain delay probably about three and a half hours. And Hubert hook actually serving for the match. In the 5th set..

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