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And that's a big deal. Coming from. Melvin football club because like there's all those drugs going they're pretty much the opposite of calling woodside calling would get joked about for being farrell and fucking just shitting general nova get joked about for the players. Are the three story houses toffee correct. Yeah so it's good to say them have a good time. I didn't realize that the partied. Well organised arkansas pearson. That'd be pissing hot. Have been saying a lot of on people's off his friends or they just people that have made him in clubs. Byerly smith is everywhere everywhere on people's little ones in the sophie's on they find it's a teenage girl thing i love it. He looks like a teenage girl. And everyone loves you never love about it is that he can be sexualize to death and it doesn't matter but if this was a woman in his spot or paper would have been arrested by now exactly absolutely all right easy could you imagine. It's completely different ballgame man versus women women versus men. You've been there when you passed young. A young throbbing mark reynolds robbing a lock. That word see he's finished something just starting. I wanted to bring your attention to something. Actually it was going to be one thing. It just became too thinks brought at the point of talking about this on the weekend. That's just been up on the gold coast. There's been a young up and coming rugby. League sensation named race woche plays for the new zealand. Warriors shoutout to race show to raise. Welcome to the podcast. Young hot just ripping and tearing rugby league off season. I didn't make sorry that did make finals didn't go very far might folks. I'm just talking at march now. Young race walters outta pa from the gulf coast. Come up for him now. He's got an absolute skillful. he's nineteen years old province law Sauna or big deal is hot. Shit oh and look. The guy's got the bluest ours. Blow the says he's a. He's a young hop gifts leading into his dams as a young boy raw. Now cups up to him and said my. You're going to have to move on from here. What are you recognise done. Just casually moved on. Got out of there. Do you know who i am. Well there's videos of emerged him. On instagram twitter almost probably wrought the blocks got an absolute skin full of peace and a knows full of the economic colombian marching pattern. Haven't heard that one yet. And instead of columbia instead of guy offices europe i should move on. He's gone what do you made automated on. And he's argued with so the cops have gone or what. Well let me tell you if you're not gonna move on race we're going to take you back to the station. He's gone nana. Do you know who i am. I'm not going anywhere. This is the off-season baby and tear and rip and tear. We shall cops are just got rodman fucker back to the station. They've searched and he's got bags on. You know what the funny thing about that is is his response is actually based on what he was actually on so if he was just drinking his response may be a little bit. Different komen over. Yeah hey was probably just whiter confident. Because he had a bit of the colombian marching dust. I love that. Follow this pattern thing by. He's read booze and he's just gone. You can't tell me where to go. Actually we can't get the fuck me wagon..

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