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Even former high tab and officials like Paul Craig Roberts Look him up and Ron Paul conservatism who had pointed out that we're being brainwashed by this boogeyman of Russia and China And there's an article So John John is it a boogeyman what Putin is doing in Ukraine That's a boogeyman huh Yeah And I think we're having a whitewash every day every and every way about the people like this Zelensky who's on a canonized into some kind of a saint There's an article called one less trader on the gray zone by action people in the seats All right John I'll let you get back Thank you John I'll let you get back to the bunker and the tinfoil hat is expired You got to put another one on My goodness thanks for listening though John Abbott that CIA game put me into this chair You know deep throat is my code name guys I messed up I went too far tonight Talking about China and Russia Russia and China both Ron Paul now Look I have respect for Ron Paul on some levels but the conspiracy stuff the craziness How much do you need to see All right Your eyes or stuff like John and some of those publications are telling us your brainwashed Think about that Don't think about China Don't think about Putin Don't check your teapot I had 8 6 6 50 Jimbo that gets you on the Jim bohannon show Research shows people remember radio ads that remind them of the past so to help you remember that Liberty Mutual Insurance company customizes your home insurance so you only pay for what you need Here's an ad that will really take you back Back in my day I heard a voice from the radio say liberty mutual customizes my home insurance so I only pay for what I need I'm getting on in years now but heavens to Betsy.

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