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Here's the knife Nice Junkie with the Nice Life News so SC has come out with a fixed blade version of their very popular. Zan Kudo folding knife. And this one's called with the ZAN Kudo but instead of Z. A. N. CDO. It's X. N. C. You do so sounds the same looks different. I suppose But this fixed blade version looks I don't know I I really liked. I've never been a fan of the of the folding Zan Kudo but this just something about it looks very appealing. It's a three inch blade. Se instead of using their their normal ten ninety five high carbon steel went with S. Thirty five I've Ian on this and I'm assuming because it's a small three inch Utility knife More of an ADC than anything. That's going to receive any sort of impacts. You don't need that sort of high toughness of ten ninety five and It's got g ten handle scales and it comes with two different sets of skills One is just STA regular molded sculpted scale and then the second one is the same scale except for the large oval. Cut Out in the second second half of the handle and that is so that you can apparently hang this thing with its kayaks sheath on a Caribbean her hanging off your bag bag if you're if you're hiking with it interesting thing that the whole s thirty five e n which Se has not used. Before as far as I know They're also going way to be offering as thirty-five Vian on se. Three very very popular Small camping knife so S. C. Three. I think again. And that's A. That's a knife that frequently often FLEXES INTO ADC and to sort of everyday used for people such a great little knife. I'm great little universally shape that why not just have it be as thirty five. UN and not worry about the the stainless the stainless quality. And all that so much. So you said that was Esi knives as how you pronounce it. But it's spelled E. S. e.. Yes and unfortunately I can't remember what that stands for. It is an acronym and I think it might be in Spanish but don't quote me on that all right well I think about it. We'll try to look it up and put it in the show not don't hold I don't hold me to it all right GonNa talk about Seems kind of interesting here. We knives and Kaiser Razor all involving just lundquist yet just in Lundquist hot designer Knife maker who a few years ago His designed the feist was a front flipper. I believe it was the first front flipper that Kaiser made and One of the first real popular ones out there and people went nuts for it. Very cool design very minimalist design and then he also came out with the angst also with With Kaiser uh-huh Angst yes. Me Too I have knifings. So yeah he he. He is back with both Kaiser. And we With Kaiser he's back with this cool. Little knife called the contrails and That's in their vanguard series and Jim. I'm not sure if you know this but Kaiser the the vanguard series is a high value line of knives so go get some of the same designs in their higher value lines just with lesser materials. Israel's and by lesser I mean. VG Ten steel actually. They're moving to one fifty four. CSM With this controversial. And hopefully they do that across across the whole line I love one one fifty four see him steal. Vj Ten. It's fine fine. Steel leaves me cold but so anyway. This contrails I. I am assuming is called Contra because it's Kinda like you can fly with it you can't really But it's very people friendly. Very sheep will friendly. It's got two inch kind of a happy looking. A curved bellied worn cliff blade. I Dunno sheep's footplate. I don't know what you call this thing but it's got a had a downward slope slope from the from the from the spine of the blade and it's got sort of a curved edge so it can't be a warrant cliff. I guess it's sheep's foot but anyway this little thing is friendly looking like I said it's GonNa come in a number of colors. It's a liner lock and using one fifty four. It looks like a great little all secondary or tertiary pocket knife. I would definitely go for it if I were Hino if I could actually if I would actually carry it I would i. I would get something like that. What do you mean by that? I just keep finding myself buying these awesome little knives and I like him. 'cause I love the designs but I just never carry the little knives. Your big ignites. That's right 'cause I want my only my own that's right. We all knew that but also he's got to others coming out with we knife and frankly I don't know if he's ever done anything with we knife before but these two years coming up the cool I'll get. I'll get the the first one. He's got a dagger Bagher coming out. Which I just love and it's called the dagger like the Office of Strategic Services the precursor the CIA? And it's this beautiful well Beautiful Little Dagger Double edged naturally as it should be But it's it's based on the Lapel Daggers of world. War Two these these little these little last ditch dagger flat dagger knives that despise would have sewn in in the lapels of their jacket just in case. They're getting roughed up they could pull it. Yeah so anyway I. It's GonNa be a two point one three inch twenty seavy Chisel ground dagger and that to sounds so up my alley. I'm going to have to going to have gotta gotta add it to the little exactly but the but the one that's a little more interesting in terms of what I think will get more airplay out. There is his black void opus. Which I'm sorry? That is such a pretentious name. It makes my head spin but in listening to Justin lundquist talking about designing this. I can see that. Justin Lundquist is an artist. Just by the way he talks. You know I went to my fair share of art school six years if if if that's if that's long enough and he talks about He was designing the knife. He was playing with the positive negative space and the voids and and and And he has a lot of interesting ideas behind how he came up with this thing aesthetically but none of that matters it is a beautiful connive though it is it is really a beautiful very sleek very nice looking front flipper People should just look look it up at the blade itself has. It's sort of stabby worn coffee. It's kind of in the Justin Lundquist. It's what you you might imagine him designing go for But anyway I just loved that kind of very artsy description of because this is someone who obviously to to whom that that means a lot. You know So anyway focus on positive and negative space like Miles Davis. It's the notes I don't play. Well I from just a bure business standpoint. I find it interesting that at the same time. He's got knives coming out with Kaiser and we so I just. It's like interesting how that were any. No one else is is kind of interesting that things the products that have a story attached to them. Whether it's organic milk that comes from happy cows or whether it's this knife designed by a heady artistic knife designer like a product that has a story behind it is inherently more interesting though absolutely absolutely Jim I wanted to bring up Spartan Blades Spartan blades. It's been around for. I would say less than ten years and they really differentiated themselves themselves right out of the gate for their high end. Beautiful unusual fix played combat knives and The Spartan Line names all of their products after Greek mythological figures and weapons and such and You know that that really had me right at the start first of all. I always liked the design of their fixed. Blade knives and I just liked that. They were doing unusual things with them in terms of shape and and such but they were always out of reach. You know pretty expensive fixed blade knives. A lot of people these are. These are prices. People WanNa pay on something that at that has a mechanism a lot of the time. But I'm very happy to find out that they just launched the silverline their price conscious silverline and I'm not exactly sure what the prices are but price conscious to me means. It's less than there. It's clearly much less than their regular line. But that could still leave you with with a with a a fine bill anyway. They're coming out with three knives. The allala the allow which is an ABC style of almost almost four inch a drop point blade and then the Dennis which is a five and a half inch Now this one looks the most like a combat knife. It's a knife that could could you do hard hard use tasks with it but it also has a an aggressive point to it and you can definitely use it as a fighting knife and then they have a vagary curve. Chopper called the MCI now. This is three solid Offerings across a span of uses coming coming from Spartan. I think that was smart and usually these thirty five. UN and I think twenty CV this time out there using ten ninety five Crow Van Tennessee. Five is a great deal for outdoor knives. Great steal for fixed blade knives. especially if you're going to be using them hard and you need that sort of toughness so I I think that was a a smart move there and they're going to be powder coated which a helps with the The fact that the ten ninety five is high carbon steel and it also looks tactical so it goes with the whole with the whole Mystique or anything. The cool thing about this is they're going to be made in in New York by K. Bar and As you know we mentioned on the show while back a spartan knives in K-bar came together to form Pine Lynn Cutlery without down in North Carolina so southern Pines. I think yeah so this is a this is kind of the same thing. Same companies same partnership it's under a different under different shingle. But it's kind of kicking that K bar and Spartan relationship into high gear. So That's interesting. I think that's great to see. I Love K.. Mart knives and they make great stuff. Well I like my cable or not all right wrapping up a knife life news. Talk about One of the names that We always hear a lot about spider. Yes yes so. Spider Code just came out with our first product reveal the year. They've been this. This is their second year Doing it this way instead of instead of showing everyone what they plan on coming out with. At the beginning of the year they are coming out with several different Product reveals in which they release out. You know whatever amount of lives are ready to go and there are some pretty cool edition at this time. There is the bombshell which is a flash batch of Michael Birch design the custom knife of that same name? It's a knife I've been seeing on Instagram for a long time to beautiful thing and it's a great knife to to have spider co make. It looks like the aesthetic fits fits perfectly into spider coz line. It's going to have a less than three inch blade so it's pretty small but it's a it's going to be twenty steel and it's going to be a big fat fat little knife and I thought that was a cool just right off the bat. I thought that was a great custom knife to see Get despite Akot treatment but one thing. That's really interesting to me. This year is Jim. They're they're they're premiering two new steals CPM S. P. Y.. Twenty seven or spy twenty seven seven so they teamed up with crucible industries to create that and that will appear on exclusively spider.

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