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WTO P news. It's 6 52 service on part of metro's yellow line is set to resume early next month. After months of construction for safety and infrastructure upgrades. I'm so the biggest safety concern that we had in the tunnel was the deterioration of the steel liner. Tatiana cutra kova with metros as upgrades made along the yellow line bridge and tunnel were safety critical. The entire liner is brand new, so everything is new still, new coat of paint. Metro's yellow line is scheduled to reopen Sunday May 7th at 7 a.m.. That'll end months of some passengers having to take the blue line, adding up to 15 more minutes to their commute. Along the yellow line bridge, metro upgraded things like bridge bearings to enhance its infrastructure. It says passengers won't be able to see the differences, but should be confident they're safe when crossing the river. In Southwest D.C., Scott gelman WTO P news. The documentary imagining the Indian is now screening at the Avalon in D.C. and cinema arts in fairfax. It urges teams like the Atlanta Braves and Kansas City Chiefs to stop the tomahawk chop and change their names like the Washington commanders. The most egregious is of course Atlanta and the chop. Native Americans do not do the chop. It's a home made up thing. Director aviva kempner teams with producer Kevin blackistone to urge the removal of native mascots in sports. It's insulting for a majority of people in this country whose forefathers were out to eradicate or remove native people from this land, which was theirs. The then make a decision to use their likeness and their culture. To name sports teams. That's not their choice to make. Here are full chat on my podcast beyond the fame, Jason Frey AW two B news. The Department of Homeland Security is testing a new asylum screening process at the southern border. Migrants who enter the U.S. illegally there will be screened by asylum officers while they're in custody and then provide an access to legal counsel. The new approach will start with a tiny number of migrants and is supposed to start next week. The trial run is part of the Biden administration's preparations for the end of title 42. The pandemic related rule is expected to expire on May 11th. Marie, the parent of an outstanding student athlete nominate your favorite high school athlete for their chance to be WTO's next player of the week. Each week, we will feature one athlete on air and online

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