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We'll see if too shawn watson gets any worse today joined by astros. Gm and he's already got it rolling but no rest for the weary james click. Astros general manager joins us here. Kendall graven rafael montero for joe smith and abraham taurel seems and looks like a monster deal james. I was talking to one world series. Pitcher who said great curveball. Big-time fastball has an attitude. Like max scherzer can't believe the mariners traded him and i have a lot of respect for this player. Who's wearing a world series. Ringer was a hell of a player in the league himself When did you get graven in this trade in your crosshairs. How long ago. That's a good question I it's always hard to reconstruct a lotta these conversations because we have so many of them and every trade that gets made. I i would estimate. There's there might be one hundred that you discuss. And he kicked around. Various concept kicked around various ideas. This guy this guy out this guy you know. How do you align this guy up against against your guy But certainly graven I don't wanna lose sight of montero in this one. I know yar is not where you would like it to be but This is a guy who has a lot of experience Has shown the big big outs we. We like him to Graven is having a season that really caught our attention. and certainly. we've we've seen him against our guys. So i mean i would say it might even be as far back as as when he was coming in against us in dominating our lineup Throughout the a couple appearances he's had against us this season so hard to reconstruct guy. We thought our eye out for a while but conversations really picked up the last few days. well congratulations. This is just the a a great start to the week before the trade deadline. Getting this deal done. Was there ever a point in time when you said. This is not going to happen with him. You always go through that. With every trade. Every trade and i caution our group all the time not to get invested in the deals and it's hard You know you you think something there and then all of a sudden the other team says oh no we gotta change of heart or you know. Ownership isn't on board or yeah any any small thing can torpedo the deals and so you do your best not to get emotionally invested in them until they're actually happening and then even when we got the green light From from them yesterday when we were going through medicals things things can go wrong there too..

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