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T. mobile experience available free at your favorite apps store not just WTOP your WTOP it's eleven eighteen traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks in case you missed it the good news was that three oh one north found had re opened at the intersection of McKendree road in Cedarville road again traffic able to continue through now north on three oh one through Brandywine and continuing north or points north toward eight AM branch Avenue as well leaving three oh one looks good headed up toward the valley early as well after driving over laurel Chrysler was westbound one ninety eight just west of the Baltimore Washington parkway that has since been cleared all lanes have been reopened I have no concerns on I ninety five the Baltimore Washington parkway running between the two about ways to seventy north and south also moving well Virginia side George Washington parkway continues to move all of both directions no incidents ever reported either direction as you pass the Potomac River bridges and Reagan national airports so far without early issue of bell in Virginia also looks good between Alexandria McLean sixty sixties found active works on your the Fairfax county parkway blocked the right lane for you get by without the life there's also now an active work somebody of Jersey wall set up now for a long term works on I. sixty six eastbound on the ramp to the interlude about why and there you go by that works in single file after remember you come upon that the closure where they set up the New Jersey while kind of without notice so please watch your speed one exiting from sixty six east to join in a loop of the beltway three ninety five south between king street Duke street two left lanes gets bother works on but as of late getting by without delay American military university is the number one educator to US military members joined fellow national security and public safety professionals making a difference Hey I'm you push your mind M. U. online dot com rich under WTO the traffic showers are likely to stick around folks tonight at least a shower chance through the overnight hours into your Monday morning tomorrow morning is gonna be pretty cloudy and it's going to take a bit of time for us to shake the clouds but once we do we should get a good amount of sunshine breaking through in the evening high temperatures tomorrow will be in the upper fifties to around sixty noticeably cool it'll also be rather gusty day as well Tuesday looks dry to start mostly sunny and then clouds build on the back end of the day high temperatures on Tuesday will be in the mid to upper sixties by mid week we get this nice little warm up Wednesday low seventies but it does come with its own cloud as well some rain chances heavy rain Wednesday night into Thursday highs will be in the sixties and we will also be looking at a chance for rain I'm searching for meteorologists Ammar Theodore checking the temperatures around the region right now it is forty nine degrees at Dulles International Airport fifty two degrees at Reagan national and north in Baltimore forty eight degrees a B. to B. Y. at eleven twenty one it is also forty nine degrees outside our studios here in friendship heights right to buy Lynn the plumber trusted same day service seven days a week Charles county police officer has been placed on leave after shooting and killing a gunman in La Plata police responding to a report of a home invasion in the ten thousand block of spring oak court around ten twenty this morning reports indicating the man was armed with a military style assault rifle approaching a number of homes police say they saw him breaking in to one house and firing shots at another one officer shooting the suspect who died at the Charles regional Medical Center police have not yet established a motive now the latest on the corona virus pandemic close to three million people worldwide contracting the virus more than two hundred thousand have died US says nine hundred forty thousand cases and fifty fourth and plus deaths according to Johns Hopkins Maryland governor Larry Hogan on ABC's this week well we have some encouraging numbers on hospitalizations and I see you with her which are leveling off we're still going up with the spec for the number of cases in the number of deaths in Ireland sing its worst day of coronavirus seventy four confirmed dead thirty on Saturday alone bringing the death toll state wide eight hundred twenty seven a technical issue forcing Maryland to take down its unemployment website for a while governor's office says it's back up though is there anyone working on an app or an application should rest assured that their information has been stored in DC corrections officials say thirteen more inmates testing positive fifty four being isolated sixty eight others recovering and thirty seven staffers at DC jails also testing positive for rotavirus it's eleven twenty three stress has been a by product of the outbreak Maryland National Guard has been working on it from the very first day with the very first team the Maryland National Guard sent out we tried to send out behavior health support.

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