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You can enroll and we'll start you in the program on this future date and either the future. It's the same future date for everyone but for some of them we've labeled it's your birthday you know for others would of course recognize through or just giving them a month. So we're saying would you like to start in four months and you may not immediately think that's my birthday versus. Would you like to start after your birthday. Which happens to in four months so we gotta learn to play games with mind our brain a little bit just readily as those opportunities that those moments if you if you see them and they can even be people can call them out for you. We tend to be both naturally more motivated to change if we notice them. And if people label them for us That helps so those are really. Those are psychological moments. And i read about that in the book. But then there's actually sir bigger. Fresh starts even the psychological ones dates that come not only with that sort of. I feel like. I've a clean slate in a new beginning. And yeah the old me didn't do it but the new can and so it gives us that identity shift there are also we literally have changed in our lives and that is even better because if all you've got his little psychological fresh start you know there's no nothing working for you besides your motivation but imagine you move to a new job or a new city or or a new house within the same steady. Those are moments when literally routines may change right. Like i had a bad habit of going to dunkin. Donuts on my commute to work And my old job now and my new job. I don't have any of it. So i have a clean slate and a big opportunity. So they're they're both fresh start moments that are purely psychological and those that come with some actual big opportunities because you have a literal blank slate to to change behavior. i. I have noticed that those new me moments. Let's call them that label for the moment that are not specifically brought in by an external state of affairs. Like it's something that you choose to do is resisted because i think on sub-conscious level what i've noticed in that people are not aware of and even when they're experiencing an after. The fact aren't usually aware that that's what's happening. There's a certain amount of grief that goes with that because when a new me emerges an old meet dies and in our brain just hates grieve hated. Hated hates it. Even when it's sorta roiling around on a subconscious level. Do you deal with that at all. It's a really interesting question. I mean we haven't seen any evidence of that in in the data we've gathered so that the data's been pretty uniformly positive from all the studies. Get depressed so much as there's a if you've if you've ever been in therapy there's a characteristic experience it happens you get a little depressed. As the old new museum this new self emerges and the old one is left behind. It's it's depressing a little bit very. It's very subtle. it's not like you would measure it even. I don't think it would show up on any measurable thing. But it's i think it's the source of some of the resistance to change. It's an interesting what we mostly see. Optimism as sort of key trait and people feeling like because the old me couldn't quit smoking or couldn't get home in time for. There's relied interesting exactly but i actually what you're planning to his relevant because i think this is a really important point about fresh starts they can be negative when you. You're doing well so mo what what. I've studied in terms of the benefits. Fresh start involves people who have a goal they would like to achieve or there's something there's generally not doing enough of something they want to change because it's not going well but there's some research by one of my students hang. Chen dies now professor at ucla at the anderson school of business there She shown that fra starts for someone who's doing really well. can be harmful so she has a really neat research. She's done it in the lab but also in the field. She has neat paper. Actually on Professional baseball where she looks at when players are traded across teams which is sort of fresh start but she specifically focuses on the difference between two players both of whom are traded to new teams but one of whom is traded across leagues and therefore all their performance statistics to date a reset. They have to start again. Record versus versus the ones trade within weeks so they also experience a trade and disruption but they get to hold onto their stats and the players who are doing well before the trade Do significantly worse when they're treated across leagues and moves all of their sort of you know good good trajectory and have to start over than the one who were doing well and get get treated within league and of course she seems the opposite for the players who are under performing. It's good for the players who are under performing to get traded across lead so they can wipe out record and start fresh. But when you're on a roll it's harmful than in lab study shows this as well with people playing different games. I'm having a fresh start is harmful when things have been going well so i think that's related to what you're thinking about this question. Just out of curiosity does she. Focus on like european soccer or football or something like that. I'm trying to think of like within the nba traded across leagues major league baseball major league baseball national in america under star. Didn't you so so. Let's get back on track with the fresh start so so do most people who are having a fresh start again. I'm thinking of internally motivated. Fresh start is it because things aren't going so well and they need a fresh start a new day new dawn and that feels. I don't know it feels difficult to get to that. Internally is it yeah. It's a really really interesting question. So we've mostly done like empirical studies showing look like if you look in aggregate at thousands of people you see these patterns where thousands more want to create goals on these dates or thousands more go to the gym more search for the term diet rather than doing the sort of anthropological research where we observe like. What's the or. Even you know even the deep psychological questionnaires where we ask them. What's going on the it. The deepest information we have about the internal state is that these moments people say they make them feel more separated from their past selves than they otherwise would They are more likely to step back and think big picture about their lives at these moments. Because there's sort of a disruption from the day to day And they feel more optimistic so those are the key things going on. But we don't we haven't found like big differences in different types of people hunted for it a little fasten gary bear. Bear me back me up on this. I'm just examining my own. Internal sort of world landscape right now and i feel like i'm heading towards a little bit of a fresh start of some types kind of interesting but part of it i think is motivated by coming out the other side of d- yeah and so i'm wondering if that's going to create more of this as we all emerge from this thing we all wanna get going. Have a fresh dr. Let's move on I when i drove in here when i was thinking about this a little bit. I didn't know. I was going to interview a katy..

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