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I hate to break to. There's nothing like being at a ballgame because as good as the picture is and all the angles and all that is just not to say. Oh i don't doubt that. Look when we're talking about. I'm i'm not nfl guy so i'm solely nfl. I mean maybe. I could go to a basketball game out of season. Something like that. But if we're talking football right. I've had some great experiences in college college football that that atmosphere is crazy. But we're talking. Nfl football here There's just nothing that could get me. You could give me free tickets to a box on a monday night game. And i'd probably say i'd rather watch the game from home live. Bet it and track data. While i'm doing so and and forget about sunday with all the games that are going on sunday i gotta be in in in my bunker watching all these question. There's no question it's better to watch it at home. We were just talking about one. I love to go to the game. Yes but the problem with. Nfl games is with the exception. The sunday night in the monday you feel like you're missing missing missing is called. You could wasn't has tell doesn't tell us to let's get. I've never seen the red zone. I've never do. You know what. I watched one four. I've never seen the red zone. I don't know what that is. Okay i want one arguably the greatest channel. I watch sports tells because i want to watch the game defense and offense. I wanna watch the game. We'll see when you're talking rob when you're talking about highlights that's what the red zone channel is the red zone channels all about highlights. It's giving you all the plays that happened when the teams close to scoring. I know. I hear you dogs. You love that channel. I absolutely detest that channel. Because i don't know what's happening in the rest of the game and be prognosticating these games. I have to watch all of the plays that lead up to a team. Getting into the zone. Notches plays when they're scoring. So i do not even watch the red zone channel. I'm sitting here with eight nine. Tv's on at once watching all of the games unfold at the same time okay. Well i i would. I would offer some sort of hybrid. If i were to divide and what i always do at my house. You have to have got to have two screens. And i think the red zone is great..

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