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Moving right on to apple tv screen saver info so i had the suggestion last week that the apple tv in a beautiful aerial screen savers that you could pull down the siri mode or do or do something and the apple tv could tell you what you're looking at i have sits flow to this idea was basically everyone i know with an apple tv and like everyone agrees with me so i feel like it's a pretty good idea as for apple you should do it but uh benjamin mayo over on his blog as as a couple years old now uh so this isn't at all these includes all the current screen savers i'm not sure i think there are new ones by the way like i'll be allocate lampe tv yesterday and i'm sure that there are a couple like especially one of two by that i've never seen before of like you know that rates will building was a called the scottish cup trumpeter is it wiz khalifa yes no wiz khalifa said rapper wiz khalifa wrapping credible what is it called bush khalifa something like that something southern could lose it cold bush khalifa they ago i i knew was i said i was like i'm sure this is a person as it was coming out of my mouth but is close enough the bush khalifa it had i'm pretty sure it was that and i'd never seen that in the epa tv screens jobs at the one where it's all sparkly at night yeah yeah one's really cool to me manner madison at pursue this website maybe up today i don't know if it has not anyways what he has died some subset or all the screen savers are on here and you can click through this little menu and it tells you where they are i that ones already on hand at one non talking about maybe isn't than.

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