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And storms blow job down upper sixties chance of rain right around sixty percent so far that there's well showers and storms for the first half your Monday again is very severe storm possible highs lows semis early dropping the upper fifties by late afternoon I'm across top work weather channel right now it's cloudy in seventy three at the K. T. R. H. Tom tanks defenders twenty former weather center twelve a one now our top story Houston's democratic mayor eyes claiming victory there's a Mister Turner started celebrating overnight is a hundred percent of the vote in a run off election for Houston's mayor were counted Turner beat out challenger Tony Busby to the city's leaders for the next four years a run off election took place because none of the candidates got the fifty percent plus one vote needed to win the regular election cleanup is complete after mercury spill here in Houston the heavy metal founded three locations in the city forcing street closures and decontamination of a couple dozen people personal say there's little risk of harm to the public other was initial reports of thousands of gallons that had spilled officials say that there was actually less than a pipe founded each locations police the FBI are investigating determine whether the chemical spill was intentional or accidental I don't Texas family deactivating their ring camera after they were hacked Lou may or I was of forty telling CBS eleven the hacker threatened to kill her children and shouted racial slurs at them over the week terrified the nine eleven year old kids right next door for help originally they believe that someone was in the hold the neighbor went back inside with the god similar disturbing are reports have been pouring in across the nation may or as says.

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