Sinclair, Monmouth University, Donald Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh


The deal clear media cnn reported last month with just a couple of days ago three maybe a week ago that sinclair is mandating it's local affiliates one hundred and seventy three of them out there mandating it's local affiliates only anchors they're read aloud a promotional campaign that condemns other news outlets for pushing fake stories never mind that there is a poll recently released not a majority of americans this is monmouth university a majority of americans believe mainstream news outlets are reporting fake news a majority i think that will coincide with trump's approval numbers going up by the way so the driveby media is fit to be tied they are in meltdown over sin claire wanting to act like real journalist the memo that these anchors being forced to read at sinclair mentioned that they are fair and that they are honest and do great journalism not like mainstream media journalists engaging in fake news and so trump has defended sinclair he tweeted that it is funny to watch fake news networks criticize sinclair for being against bias sinclair's far superior to cnn and even more fake nbc which is a total joke so funny to watch fake news networks among the most dishonest groups of people i've ever dealt with criticized sinclair for being bias in claire is trying to say we're not biased we're going to give you the straight skinny on everything you can tune to us for straight up news is what's in clair's basically saying jimmy kimmel goes out there jimmy kimmel who doesn't know what to say when it comes to politics unless he talks to somebody in chuck schumer's office i jimmy kimmel says tv hosts parenting talking points are dangerous to our democracy tb hosts parenting talking points are dangerous to our democracy.

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