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He's got some for you too no no now i gotta get to the trump thing okay because that was your rand that was my rant about sister gene which that's just that's hatefilled and weird and no well it weren't this is a saintly woman who loves basketball okay and this mr by just calling a gene like removing the sister didn't even say sixties gene just look if you want to make a suggestion to you the copious snark but you have the mysterious level of bitterness towards mankind that you display a lot right why not pointed at the catholic church this is jean no no one on let's face it that thing has been like a secret cabal powerhungry weirdo martin luther chilled them in fifteen seventeen women was that you you're ratcheting no you went from sister jean to take on the whole church god's did was take one gene of well because jeans lovely but the catholic church i mean they're they're like more obviously hateful than scientology aren't they like scientology but more obvious hate evil evil i don't think that that's john apologize i wanna know let me apart because i'm gonna get everybody you don't need to apologize to the people in scientology for compared to the catholic church i was on anyway gots up on sista on old ladies i is this what we're in for like i don't know if i'm comfortable with everything that's happening around here jim brock myer look we got sign all sorts of waivers and liability anytime anyone's in a microphone and we're allowing this dirty guy and you know when he said something about me entering the back door you know what he was thinking about he's foul on this show he is yes or no jim brock myers a bit of a sexual deviant i would say more that he's fist comfortable expressing himself sexually especially after about nine rye whiskeys and some viagra and some some percocet.

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