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And that thinks of battling it so wrong. David tonight? Yeah, baby, Right on the limits where we know we both belong tonight. It's hard to feel to first in danger. Run back to the edge with you where we can both ball. Oh, yeah. Yeah. It is with you. Hello. Shot before we kissed the other side tonight. Yeah, David's nine. Yeah, baby. Something final Wake alive tonight. All right, all right. Because I'll be dancing in the Plains night. Yeah. David Knight, Baby. Everybody knows my name tonight. Alright, alright. It's hard to feel first in danger. I'm gonna run back to do the edge with you where we can both Paul, How are you? Okay, do house down hanging. Stay with you. I was with you. Mm yeah. Okay? True house. Hell, Hey! He is. Really? Yes. Oh, yeah. Okay, What's up? This is my music. One of 43, My FM. But for you, I don't really easily we've found a new girl and it only took a couple weeks. Remember when you said that you wanted to give me the world for you Guess it's you've been working on yourself. Like you said therapist found for you should really help. Now you can be a better man for your brand new Girl. Look happy. Nothing can goodbye. Don't bring up no. My bathroom. Yeah. For you. I just getting everything you want your body in your car and your career is really taking off Like we never even happened. Baby, Tell me what is up with died and can feel it's like you never even met me. Remember when you swear to God I was the only person who forgot you will screw that. Screw you. I know that I do You copy me? Not me doing a good don't bring up Listen. Night. Oh, just perfecting. And to emotional movie That's he's like wound. And so maybe I'm too emotional. Maybe you never kidded maybe onto National apathy is like wounded saw. Maybe I'm too much. No, Maybe you never get happy. Help me not you can't to ask. Don't Well, do it all me, baby like a damn Sunday or path. I tell you bathroom just saw acted Really good. Oh,.

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